Filling the Void with Holy Light

Last night we finally hit 120 on Aymethyst and Faithfully. Sadly they are only our 3rd Alliance set on Dalaran to hit cap. We still have quite a lot to level. Now that they are maxed I have to go back and do all of my class hall campaigns, since this is the main reason we picked this set. Naz finished his last week since I was busy playing other games. Next on our list is going to be our dark iron shaman. Naz still needs a shaman for the class hall. Since I have already done it on Clover and moved her over to Ally, I am going to attempt to level this one as enhance. So at least there will be some difference and make me feel better about having two of the same class on one server. The main reason we are leveling the shaman next is really because they are adorable.

And since I had a major brain fail and may have forgotten that Naz finished his class hall because I was playing Far Cry and apparently “not listening” here’s one of his pretty mounts…


Mog is Love

Valentine’s Day is a day for love, flowers, cheesecake and mog gear, of course. Aside from our real life presents we always get each other things in game. I got Naz a bunch of staves that he was missing from his collection and a few new pets. Based on what he got me, I think he got the short end of the stick… He got me some realllly expensive mog pieces. I finally have the Chromatic Sword! My lightforged pally is most definitely going to be ret to mog with it. He also got me the greatest mace, the Glazer. I really want to mog a little panda bear with it. It will be adorable. But since the mace is high level and I don’t have a panda bear for it yet, Lilly gets to run around with them and a little bear baby. Along with the mog I also got a few new pets that I was missing from the newer content.

After spending the last week or so playing other games, Naz finally got me back onto WoW to finish up our mage and pally. Only 4 more levels to go. Then I have to backtrack and do all of my Legion class hall nonsense. Oh and of course we have to do the holiday boss 10+ times a day to not get the mount… Love might be in the air, but a rocket certainly is not.


When Pigs Fly

Blizzard added a new flying pig mount, Hogrus, Swine of Good Fortune, to the store today in celebration of the Chinese Year of the Pig. While the Chinese realms got it free for subbing for 180 days, we do have to pay separately. Naz of course bought it for me asap because I definitely needed an adorable pig baby in my life. He has the tiniest little wings that I don’t think could ever actually hold up his (not so little) body. He also runs in this little dog like hop and his belly almost touches the ground when he does it. It’s really cute. He also has a piggy bank on his butt that drops coins when he moves around. As if those weren’t enough reasons to love him, he also has a curly little tail that sticks out of his armor. While he is very MoP themed and won’t match most mogs I have, I do think it’s a great addition to my mount collection.


There You Go With Hope Again

Today should have been glorious. I was at 99 reps. I was working on getting Oracles to exalted. Today was my last day. I was so excited to be done. I hit exalted and… Nothing happened. I did not get an achievement. I do not have a pretty blue unicorn. I was bugged. I logged onto all my characters that ever did any reps. None of them had a rep that Lilly was missing. Still at 99. So now I still have one more rep to go. But instead of dailies, I have to do PvP. Seriously… Fuck me. And fuck Blizzard. It would be great if they could fix their bugs. But I know that would be asking a lot from them. I wish I didn’t need all the reps on Lilly, or that she was anything but melee. This will be the most unfun thing in history. If this was anything but a unicorn I would seriously wait for the next expansion. Damn unicorns.


More Mounts, Less Gold

After a few uneventful raid runs we decided that we should do the couple quests needed to get to Stormsong Valley so that Naz could get the Blood Serpent mount. We killed the mob easily with the two of us and Naz walked out of the cave with another mount. A super ugly mount, but a mount nonetheless and more importantly his 399th mount.

With that, we decided that it was worth it to spend some gold to get him to 400. Instead of choosing the cheapest and most disgusting mount by going with the Bloodfeaster one, he bought the adorable Pack Mule. And with that, he hit 400! We have spent a significant amount of gold over the last few days. But in the end, it was worth it and we aren’t spending it on anything else anyway.

Within the next 2 days I will have my last rep for the 100 achievement. Then we will both be done with the rep, mount and toy meta achievements for the expansion. With that, we can finally start leveling up some of the toons we have been putting on hold.


Making Up for Bad Manners

Another day was spent trying to work on Naz’s 400 mount achievement. While I was out adulting he decided to spend his day trying to get Deathcharger’s Reins by farming Stratholme endlessly. On his 5th kill of the day he got it. His 5th kill of the day was also his 8,200th kill (at least since installing Rarity). I think he more than put in the effort for it. But since we are back to being Alliance at least that makes it a neater mount to have. It also knocked out his last Vanilla mount.

Along with running raids and dungeons, we are trying to get some of the guaranteed mounts that we are still missing. We had worked on the Glory of the Hellfire Raider previously and were down to two achievements left. The last time we tried they were both bugged so they were left for later. Today happened to be later. We finally finished Bad Manner(oth) and Get In My Belly! and got our meta achievement along with our pretty fel wolves. But more importantly, it put Naz at 398.

After finishing up our meta we were looking at the other options for getting him to 400 fast. Having gold and 120’s on two servers we looked into buying the ones he was missing. We had looked at buying the Abyssal Fragments on Dalaran since we had looted a couple. They ended up being much cheaper on ZJ though. So for relatively cheap we bought all of those so we can get him the Blood Serpent mount. Downside to doing this on horde is that we have yet to do any of the quest chain to get to the Alliance side of things. So before going on this mount adventure we have to do some quests. That is for another day though…


Night of Mounts

After getting my achievement earlier today we decided that we would work on getting it for Naz. First, we went out and did Arathi. We were doing this for Naz. We knew this. The game however, seemed a bit confused. While out there I got the Highland Mustang, then the Lil’ Donkey and then I got the last mount I was missing, the Swift Albino Raptor. Needless to say I feel really bad. Even though I was really excited to get the horse and donkey…

So after trying them on 2 sets of toons we went out to Darkshore and Naz finally got a drop. He got the Nightsaber mount which is the best looking one out there. So at least he got something that was pretty. Naz remembered that we had yet to buy the Champion’s Treadblade. Then we had the issue of finding the right toon which would update his mount count. After trying everything it still only went to 396. So it looks like 200k down the drain for that. I guess that’s not as bad as spending 1 million and then getting all the drops you needed for the ach a few hours later…