After losing Hati to defeat the Legion there was a wolf shaped hole left in my heart. It brought great sorrow to this old worn Elf to know that he would never be fighting by my side again. When word came that there was hope of saving him we took flight back to Storm Peaks, and with urgency and desperation I did all that I could to save my lost friend.

With the help from Mimiron and my fellow hunters, we were able to bring Hati back from the brink. My once missing companion had returned! Never again will we be parted. He will enjoy a life of days fighting for the Alliance and nights curled up in a warm stable.

While life is forever changing in Azeroth, some things remain the same. The bond between a hunter and his pet is one that is eternal. It is a bond of friendship, a bond of loyalty, a bond of love and you cannot break it, not even with a thousand swords.


Lion, Tigers and Bear, Oh My!

Since leveling our shaman we have been working on our druid and hunter. Though Naz has Duritz he’s never really had a hunter that he collected all the pets on. So once his night elf hunter was high enough to start taming the spirit beasts, we have been on the hunt. First we got him the fox from Duskwood and then the gryphon from Stormwind, with the help of Alakai. Then he got the bear from Grizzly Hills, which is the one he has always wanted. While leveling we did Hyjal to be able to open up the area see the two cats and spirit owl. Today we found the last one in Hyjal. He’s also found both rares in Twilight Highlands and Loque. He still has yet to get Skoll and the crab from Vashj’ir, though he has to open the zone up before beginning to camp it.

I also decided to move my Horde hunter from Kil’Jaeden. Initially I was going to make her a void elf but decided on night elf instead. Having both hunters on the same server will give me more room on Alakai to get the newer pets that I really want for him by taming some of them on Daisey instead. Now I just need to get her to 110 so I can tame some of the hippogryphs that I really want but were far too girly to put on Alakai.

We have yet to hit 120 on our hunter and druid, but we only have a few levels to go. We have only done Stormsong so far and are already 117. So the next time we sit down to level we should be able to finish them up. Then he can continue getting his pets and I can work on hitting exalted on all the druid reps for her.


Under The Gaze of Ragnaros

After what was a fairly extended journey, we finally hit 120 on our Dark Iron shaman, Aurora and Augustana , yesterday. We had taken quite a few breaks due to real life craziness. We got back to leveling this past week though and finished them up. Naz realized when we were 114 that I hadn’t told him about heirlooms going to 120, so we had to go and spend over 300k to upgrade everything. Leveling through BFA was insanely slow on these characters and made it feel like we were low levels. Heirlooms are not tuned well for 110-120. We spent the majority of our time healing, instead of hitting things. After we hit 120 we took each other through Arathi and Darkshore, getting a few pieces of gear (and no mounts). Now the fun of gearing enough through wq so we don’t fall over if more than one thing hits us begins.

Next on our list will be our Night Elf druid and hunter. Even though we have made our KT druids, they will be further down the line.


The Wrathsteeds of the Netherlords

This week both Naz and I finally finished up our warlock class halls, including the mount quests. It took us a lot longer than it probably should have due to forgetting completely about it and getting side-tracked on quests that apparently weren’t relevant to the class hall… I spent way too long working on a hidden appearance quest chain, thinking that it was for my class hall achievement. Once I got that out of the way and Naz had a good laugh it was relatively fast. That is unless you include the fact that when I needed a Legion invasion it was HM which always bugs for me, leaving me unable to loot and having to wait until the next one popped while I was awake. But it’s done, finally. We also got the last of the lock mounts off the rare from Broken Shore today. So now we are close to being done; monk for me and warrior/shaman for him. We are leveling dark iron shaman still, so once he finishes her we will only have one left each, unless we decide to redo it all for our new Alliance toons on Dalaran. That seems unlikely though.


Archmage Aymethyst

I have finally finished up my mage class hall and broken shore. That gives me one more mount and toy to cross off my list. I felt like that was a lot of work for such an unimpressive mount. I’ll stick to continuing to use the Violet Spellwing instead. It matches my mog much better. With mage done I’m down to two class mounts until I am finished with legion class halls. If only I could continue to remember to work on my warlock and finish hers up. I have to completely level a monk so that will be a bit further down on my to do list at this point. We are leveling our dark iron right now so I’m not super concerned about getting around to my monk. When it happens, it happens.


Filling the Void with Holy Light

Last night we finally hit 120 on Aymethyst and Faithfully. Sadly they are only our 3rd Alliance set on Dalaran to hit cap. We still have quite a lot to level. Now that they are maxed I have to go back and do all of my class hall campaigns, since this is the main reason we picked this set. Naz finished his last week since I was busy playing other games. Next on our list is going to be our dark iron shaman. Naz still needs a shaman for the class hall. Since I have already done it on Clover and moved her over to Ally, I am going to attempt to level this one as enhance. So at least there will be some difference and make me feel better about having two of the same class on one server. The main reason we are leveling the shaman next is really because they are adorable.

And since I had a major brain fail and may have forgotten that Naz finished his class hall because I was playing Far Cry and apparently “not listening” here’s one of his pretty mounts…


Mog is Love

Valentine’s Day is a day for love, flowers, cheesecake and mog gear, of course. Aside from our real life presents we always get each other things in game. I got Naz a bunch of staves that he was missing from his collection and a few new pets. Based on what he got me, I think he got the short end of the stick… He got me some realllly expensive mog pieces. I finally have the Chromatic Sword! My lightforged pally is most definitely going to be ret to mog with it. He also got me the greatest mace, the Glazer. I really want to mog a little panda bear with it. It will be adorable. But since the mace is high level and I don’t have a panda bear for it yet, Lilly gets to run around with them and a little bear baby. Along with the mog I also got a few new pets that I was missing from the newer content.

After spending the last week or so playing other games, Naz finally got me back onto WoW to finish up our mage and pally. Only 4 more levels to go. Then I have to backtrack and do all of my Legion class hall nonsense. Oh and of course we have to do the holiday boss 10+ times a day to not get the mount… Love might be in the air, but a rocket certainly is not.