It’s a Blue Time of the Year

We got a late start to 8.1 but slowly we are trying to check some things off of our list.  We still have the majority of 8.0 to work on as well.  Eventually we will get there.  Family and the holidays are most definitely taking up most of our time these days though.

Yesterday we did the Darkshore quest line.  Now Lauria has a new look to go with it!  I really love the new customization added by doing the quests.  Though I don’t think I will be putting them on anyone right now.  I don’t think it’s something that should be overused.  But Lauria’s blue eyes do suit her well.

They also released the most amazing mount from the store.  Naz got it for me as soon as I started freaking out.  After seeing it he actually bought it for himself.  It’s even more beautiful in game.  It’s one of, if not the, best looking mount.  The baby yeti pet is also extremely adorable!

Now we are just trying to finish up our reps and do Darkshore/Arathi rares for mounts.  Currently, Naz is at 99 after getting exalted with Champions tonight.  Now that reps are account wide we are doing Ghostlands on our newly made Nightborne for the Tranquillien rep, which should make Naz hit 100 and get the pretty unicorn mount.

Edit: Tranquillien = Winterspring…  So turtle rep will be next.  In about 10 months…


Tallulah’s Ironman Adventure Comes to an End

After not being able to work on my Ironman toon for the last week or so I finally logged on to make some progress.  Flew to the Hinterlands to start questing.  I was just running around doing my quests and found the rare wolf.  So of course I hit him; I always kill the rares.  He was hitting much harder than expected though so I shadowmelded.  My ui didn’t show any bleeds or debuffs.  But after using shadowmeld…  I… DIED!  Ugh.  I made it to 31 this time.  I’m extremely disappointed that I let myself die.  Tallulah v.3 will be up and running soon.  I will be starting her on a different server this time so I can actually make some gold from selling the mog I loot.


Ironman Adventures with Tallulah

Last week I decided to start a new ironman toon.  My previous ironman was a priest that only made it to level 18 and was shelved due to rl.  So I made a druid to take on this long journey.  This is Tallulah v.2.  The first one I made I got to 14 and died because I was watching tv.  Paying attention is key!  Hopefully this journey will be a very long one.

While I haven’t been able to play all that much I did hit level 30 on her today.  I’m trying to only play when I’m able to focus enough to not die.  Overall, it’s been a fairly easy trek so far but we have had a few close calls.

I’m trying to pick and complete an entire zone before moving on.  I first (obviously) did the night elf starter zone.  Then I took the portal to Exodar and did Bloodmyst Isle.  Instead of doing my usual Darkshore, I went to Stormwind and decided to do Duskwood.  Which was followed by Redridge Mountains, where I am currently questing.


Tips so far for leveling an ironman character:

  • Night elf shadowmeld is the best for getting out of situations that would otherwise kill you.  Do NOT overuse this.  Use it for actual “oh shit” moments, not to save time!
  • Being able to heal is definitely helpful.  I make sure I am at full health after every mob.
  • Druid is a great class to pick, having the healing and different shape-shifting abilities really comes in handy.  Hunters are the top ironman class, but I would stick to druid personally.
  • Take your time.  Do not rush into anything.  It’s not a timed race,  you just have to make it to the end alive.  Don’t do anything stupid to jeopardize that.
  • Show all mob health bars.  This really helps to make sure you are aware of your surroundings.
  • Picking zones that you know the quests, mobs, etc better helps.  Big surprises while questing can end your journey.
  • One mistake I made was leveling on our old ally server.  This server has a low pop and it’s hard to make gold on AH.  When having to be self sufficient by selling your gear and mats, being on a server where the AH is stable would be extremely helpful.  I’ve got some more expensive mog pieces and a decent amount of mats and have only made 100g.  Nothing sells on that server.  Keep the economy in mind when you make your toon.
  •  And while this should go without saying, make sure you know the rules while leveling.  Using the wowchallenges website to update your character every time you log off will help you to ensure you aren’t continuing on a character that is already disqualified.



Adventuring Through Zandalar

After waiting to travel to the Horde side of things, I finally leveled up my druid to 120 yesterday.  Naz had been leveling slowly over the past month or so.  Last week I decided I would go over and join him and the guild and do some leveling.  I still refuse to do anything associated with the war (For the Alliance!) but I am working on finishing the 3 zones up.  I am enjoying the quest chains and love the baby fox people.  Now that we are 120 we can start working on farming the drop for the Pterrordax Egg.  Once we have a baby we can smuggle him over to Lilly and Lauria.


Naz also got Sambas while we were heading out to get gear from Arathi rares.  I always check and found him again today!  No wolf though.  So I’ll have to keep an eye out.  Naz is lacking in the pet collecting for his hunter.


While we currently don’t have much time due to rl we are trying to finish a few things up.  We are still working on leveling our next ally set, but since they started at 1, it is a bit of a journey.  Lilly and Lauria are still working on getting all their reps to exalted, though we have got a few of the new horses so far.  We also got our dwarves unlocked and created.  They are also both adorable little shaman.  Even though I moved Clover to ally, I needed two.


Last month we hit 7 years since the creation of Myth.  This year we didn’t have a party because I need about 20 more hours in a day right now.  We will be having a holiday party to make up for it though.  We are also currently in the process of overhauling the guild website.  Which is a big pain, but hopefully will end up being worth it.


Ilvl Doesn’t Matter In Pet Battles

Since moving to Dalaran with only a few toons we are having to level all our professions once again.  So I decided to go on a little mining adventure yesterday.  While flying around I figured I would go through Twilight Highlands just in case.  Not that it would ever happen but I always check.  I had camped him for so long during Cata but was never lucky enough to get him.  So I’m just flying around spamming my super old macro and there he was.  He was just waiting to come home.  I finally got him!  A few years later than I wish I would have but it’s one more pet off my wish list.


On Friday I was working on Legion emissaries on Lilly.  I was still missing several mounts so I try to do the ones I need when they come up and do my missions for rep tokens.  Eventually, in 5 years I may have them all.  But anyway I went to do Highmountain and got myself a moose.  One more mount checked off my list.  Still pretty far away from the next mount achievement though.  Currently, it’s not super high on my to do list.

highmountain moose.png

Earlier in the week we finished up with our 3 home zones.  We finished all the exploration, treasures and rares (except one from Stormsong which requires the WQ to be up).  We did most of the random zone achievements as well.  Then we finally started working on our war campaign and the horde zones.  We finished getting the outposts last night and are working on doing all the things out there.  Once we started our war campaign and were able to travel to Zandalar first thing we did was pets.  We got our pet achievement on Friday and we were less than thrilled with the reward.  To be honest, we are less than thrilled with all the pet related things this expansion.  They had sooo much potential but once again fall incredibly short.  The whole pet charm system is a disaster as well if you ask me but…

We are making progress.  Maybe not in the way that everyone else thinks you are supposed to make progress but for us, this way is much better.

After a hard day of treasure hunting… food and a nap.


Capped But Not Complete

I think it’s relatively safe to say we are a bit behind the crowd when it comes to leveling.  We hit 120 on Lauria and Lilly on Saturday.  This was after completing only 2 of 6 zones.  While we did do all treasures, rares and every quest I still feel like that’s a bit ridiculous.  Personally I think you should have to actually complete all the zones before hitting level cap, but I do know that most people don’t feel that way.  Everyone else seems to just care about getting to raiding and we want to see everything before that.  Blizzard though always caters to the former.  So while everyone is pushing for gear we are taking our sweet time, collecting pets and killing every mob for a chance at one of the mount drops.  We haven’t had any luck in that category, unless you count the fact that we each bought the mount we liked the best.  Naz bought me Goldenmane and I got him the Dune Scavenger.  When it comes to mounts I used all of my luck getting the fishing mount, Great Sea Ray.  While fishing for the mount/ach, I ended up getting 7 before Naz got his 1 for the ach.  I fished up 2 more while trying to finish the achievement for midnight salmon.  So I’m assuming that the only way I will ever see any other mount this expansion is if I pay for it.  Other than fishing we are just working on questing.  We are finishing up our last Alliance zone before heading over to the Horde zones.  So far we are both enjoying leveling and I think they did a really nice job for the zones.  Though I will say that Stormsong Valley and Drustvar are much more appealing than Tiragarde Sound.  Though we are only about half way through Drustvar as it seems pretty packed with quests.  And also, yay human druids!  If I could have them open right now, that would be great.   We are not even starting with anything but questing until we are completely done with every zone.  Then we will move onto the things that open up when you hit 120.  Currently we are more or less ignoring the fact that we capped and just continuing with our journey. Once we finish these two up it will be onto Alakai and Uphoria.  Naz has ever so slightly worked on his Horde hunter but has only just got out there.  I’m still very hesitant to play Horde.  I do want to have the reps open up for the allied races.  But for now, I’m just working on Lilly.

horse and hyena.png


There and Back Again

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a chance to sit down and write anything or make any updates to our blog.  Real life got insanely hectic and most other things were put on the back burner.  Since last year a million things have happened with WoW.  But one thing in particular is above all…

Back in Cata we made the decision to move to Kil’Jaeden and become Horde.  A few years later we moved to Zul’Jin for a better server community.  We stayed Horde during this and moved our guild right along with us.  Now, while the guild remains on Zul’Jin, Lauria and Lilly have finally gone home.  (We are not playing Alliance on ZJ though.  Different servers for different factions.)  I’m not going to get into the Horde vs. Alliance discussion because that is not one that will end well and honestly I don’t care about other people’s opinions on the matter.  We made the best decision for us; the best decision for Lauria and Lilly.  We went back to the Alliance.  The majority of our toons will remain on ZJ but some will be making the journey back to Stormwind in the near future.  We are not abandoning our guild due to moving these toons.  We will continue to play on both servers, both factions, one of us more so than the other though…  One of us is having many more problems with the current story line but I will continue to be a part of Myth, even if it is on a less regular basis.

We are continuing our hunt in collecting all the things.  Upon the drop of the pre-patch we both received the achievements for 350 mounts and 400 toys.  Naz got the 90 rep achievement, but I’m slacking and only got the 80 ach.  I’m currently 3 reps away due to not finishing my re-grind of the goblin reps after Bloodsail, and my Sholazar basin rep after finishing both and switching back but forgetting about it after hitting honored again…  So I’ve got some extra things on my to do list.  Along with all of that, I’m still forever collecting all the mog.  We will be working on doing lore master on all armor types during BFA while we level new toons so we can get every piece of quest gear available.  So we have our work cut out for us.

With the expansion right around the corner we are very much still at the ‘I need more time before BFA drops’ stage.  Which I think we have been at since the release date was announced.  We are more behind this expansion than we have ever been before but I’m trying to get over that and just do what we can and go from there.  We had a lot of toons that we never even touched during Legion.  A lot of achievements we never got.  A lot of mog we forgot we should have been doing LFR weekly for.  Class mounts that we didn’t get.  It’s a long list of what we will still need to do from Legion during BFA.  But it’s almost here and with that comes a brand new, super long list.  I am looking forward to it though.  I hope the expansion will be better than Legion.  I was not very impressed.  I’m so excited about the new races that will be released during BFA that it might make up for whatever mess the rest of the expansion is.  Human druids ftw!

Between leveling all our new Alliance toons, all the new content, and real life, I will be trying to update all of our toon pages, etc in the near future.  Though how quickly this will happen, I do not know.