It’s offical!

Tonight we had our final guild event on Kil’Jaeden by killing KJ himself in Sunwell.  We took our last screenshot on the server after we killed him.  Then we decided why wait til monday so we moved Myth a day early!  We are now offically on ZJ!  We did run into a slight issue with our offical guild name not being available, due to them holding the name for a 3 day period after disbanding.  That will be fixed shortly and we will no longer have any special characters in our name.  Blizz was insanely slow tonight though and it took almost 2 hours for the guild transfer to go through.  So Lilly and Lauria are not on the server yet because it was just taking too long.  So tomorrow we will move our last two and 100% be on ZJ.  We have already removed all our alts that are staying on KJ to our personal alt guild.  The next few days will be hectic will all the server transfers, a million questions, and all that booting left to do.  Moving Lilly tomorrow is going to be the hardest part for me.  That will really make it all very real.


5 days and counting

We are less than a week away from the guilds big move.  We recently moved Lilac, so only 3 to go, all of which will move on Monday with Myth.

With such little time left before the move we honestly expected many more gquits but for some unknown reason we are barely getting any. I don’t know if everyone just expects to hang out forever, which can’t and won’t happen, or what.  But Monday will be a harsh reality for those who haven’t decided to come along.

Life has been super crazy and exhausting lately and has left us unable to play as much as we would like.  So our leveling has been slightly slow and we haven’t been as much of a presence online as we need to be for such a big event to be happening right now.  But such is life.

Job Change

For the last 6 years Lilly has always had leatherworking and skinning.  While talking last night Naz convinced me that she was due for a change.  First reaction, no.  I don’t do change well and Lilly is wonderful just the way she is.  But then he started talking about how Lauria used to have skinning and when he switched to tailoring how it made her a more complex character.  Being our mains they also had all the rep for all the patterns.  So randomly in the middle of the night I clicked that button and maxed my new profession thanks to help from a guildie.  Lilly is now leatherworking and blacksmithing.  It will take me a very long time to get used to this change.  Everytime I see a dead mob I try to skin it.  Realizing that I can’t will be sad for a while.  But now I have another large task ahead that should occupy my time for a little while.  Collect all the blacksmithing plans.  I’m still not finished with leatherworking but I’ve got a long way to go now for blacksmithing.  But, as always, Naz was right.  This does make Lilly a better character.  Now she will be able to make things that most people don’t even remember are in the game.  Now she can continue her obsession with collecting all the things.  Now Naz can’t say Lauria is better than Lilly.

Almost there

We have just about 2 weeks left until we move the guild and are fully on Zul’jin.  Vankora and Clapton have both been relocated. All of our personal bank vaults have been moved and reorganized.  Leaving us with our full 3-4 vault set up on both servers.  Got to bring in that gold.  We have expensive taste.

Only 2 weeks to go…  It seems so close but still so, so far away.  In the beginning we thought that people would really want a decent heads up to our move, so they could plan accordingly and whatnot.  We thought that when we moved Myth, everyone that wanted to come would.  But instead of a mass move we are getting a slow trickle.  Which it’s not that we aren’t happy people want to move and couldn’t wait and I know we are moving toons early also.  But the new is wearing off before the guild has even moved.  The excitement of a new server is going to be dead for a lot before the rest of us have even got there.  Instead of us all being together, instead of the moving really bring us closer and helping us get back to our roots with all our old members, it seems that this is just going to create another unexpected hurdle for us.  We want to have the old feel of Myth back.  We want our old members to feel safer, and more secure within the guild.  We were really hoping that the move would do that for us.  But with this slow trickle.  With the people on ZJ already getting bored of the game again, we are losing people once more.  We wanted to be able to bring new people in slowly like we did before.  We wanted to keep the core of Myth strong.  I mean no offense to any of our members or old members, but I don’t want “those” people in the guild.  If we bring in new people slowly, they either fit in immediately, adapt, or leave quickly.  Flooding with new people gives us “those” people, which lets face it, nobody wants to deal with.  We had hoped we could just bring in people 1-2 at a time, give them time, they either worked or didn’t, and bring in some more.  Slowly we would grow.  But we would keep Myth the way it was.  But we are now faced with the issue that if everyone is already leaving again wtf are we supposed to do.  We either flood it and kill our hopes, or let it sit with our few guildies that are holding out until Legion and go ahead with our plan then.  Oh the joys of being guild lead.  All the problems nobody else has to think about, resting forever on your shoulders.  Make the wrong decision and you will piss people off, make the right decision, well you lose then too.

Despite all my worries, which trust me I have many more, I am very glad we are moving.  I do still feel that it’s the right decision for us, for our guildies, for Myth’s future.  It’s just all the uncertainties of doing something like this.  We took a big leap.  We have a lot of people counting on us, that we not only made the right choice, but will continue to do so and that Myth will stay strong.  We will try our best.

But god damn… It’s stressful.


With the new year barely underway the reality of our move is really setting in.  We have a month until we will pick up the guild and leave Kil’Jaeden.  We are currently already moving the toons we have picked to come with us.  So far Incubus and Clover have already been transferred.  1 set down, 3 to go.  Our bank vaults will start moving this week with Vankora and Clapton. We have to have all our things with us for my sanity and auctions of course. Naz, Lauria and Lilly will all be waiting to move with the guild in Feb and Lilac will make the journey at some point.  The rest of our toons will become alts and stay on KJ.  Which means more toons for us to level on ZJ!  We are already in the process of that and focusing on our hunter and lock for the first of our new “mains”.  Naz says hes not nervous about moving.  I guess it’s because I’m so incredible neurotic that I am.  Change makes me nervous, even when it’s something I want and am looking forward to.  Leaving our toons behind makes me sad, because I love them all, but we spent a lot of time talking it over and making sure that those who stayed were staying for the right reasons.  Now we have a chance to create new mains, slowly, and really get attached to them.  But change.. It still creates an uneasy feeling.  As long as I have my Beloved druid by my side, it will all be okay though.  I know this move is the best for us, for the guild.  I know that KJ is not a place I want to be anymore and ZJ will make us all much happier.  And I trust Naz.  I would follow him to the end of the world… of warcraft.