With the new year barely underway the reality of our move is really setting in.  We have a month until we will pick up the guild and leave Kil’Jaeden.  We are currently already moving the toons we have picked to come with us.  So far Incubus and Clover have already been transferred.  1 set down, 3 to go.  Our bank vaults will start moving this week with Vankora and Clapton. We have to have all our things with us for my sanity and auctions of course. Naz, Lauria and Lilly will all be waiting to move with the guild in Feb and Lilac will make the journey at some point.  The rest of our toons will become alts and stay on KJ.  Which means more toons for us to level on ZJ!  We are already in the process of that and focusing on our hunter and lock for the first of our new “mains”.  Naz says hes not nervous about moving.  I guess it’s because I’m so incredible neurotic that I am.  Change makes me nervous, even when it’s something I want and am looking forward to.  Leaving our toons behind makes me sad, because I love them all, but we spent a lot of time talking it over and making sure that those who stayed were staying for the right reasons.  Now we have a chance to create new mains, slowly, and really get attached to them.  But change.. It still creates an uneasy feeling.  As long as I have my Beloved druid by my side, it will all be okay though.  I know this move is the best for us, for the guild.  I know that KJ is not a place I want to be anymore and ZJ will make us all much happier.  And I trust Naz.  I would follow him to the end of the world… of warcraft.


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