Job Change

For the last 6 years Lilly has always had leatherworking and skinning.  While talking last night Naz convinced me that she was due for a change.  First reaction, no.  I don’t do change well and Lilly is wonderful just the way she is.  But then he started talking about how Lauria used to have skinning and when he switched to tailoring how it made her a more complex character.  Being our mains they also had all the rep for all the patterns.  So randomly in the middle of the night I clicked that button and maxed my new profession thanks to help from a guildie.  Lilly is now leatherworking and blacksmithing.  It will take me a very long time to get used to this change.  Everytime I see a dead mob I try to skin it.  Realizing that I can’t will be sad for a while.  But now I have another large task ahead that should occupy my time for a little while.  Collect all the blacksmithing plans.  I’m still not finished with leatherworking but I’ve got a long way to go now for blacksmithing.  But, as always, Naz was right.  This does make Lilly a better character.  Now she will be able to make things that most people don’t even remember are in the game.  Now she can continue her obsession with collecting all the things.  Now Naz can’t say Lauria is better than Lilly.


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