It’s offical!

Tonight we had our final guild event on Kil’Jaeden by killing KJ himself in Sunwell.  We took our last screenshot on the server after we killed him.  Then we decided why wait til monday so we moved Myth a day early!  We are now offically on ZJ!  We did run into a slight issue with our offical guild name not being available, due to them holding the name for a 3 day period after disbanding.  That will be fixed shortly and we will no longer have any special characters in our name.  Blizz was insanely slow tonight though and it took almost 2 hours for the guild transfer to go through.  So Lilly and Lauria are not on the server yet because it was just taking too long.  So tomorrow we will move our last two and 100% be on ZJ.  We have already removed all our alts that are staying on KJ to our personal alt guild.  The next few days will be hectic will all the server transfers, a million questions, and all that booting left to do.  Moving Lilly tomorrow is going to be the hardest part for me.  That will really make it all very real.


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