Love was NOT in the air

Another year has came and went without the love rocket.  I had over 110 kills this year and came away completely empty handed.  I wasn’t even able to get the toy.  Luckily Naz did though.  I got it on his second kill for the year.  I guess the game knew it was me and decided that I got it once already.  Well there’s always next year.


Another set down

Septhis and Phenx are finally 100!  They were our 10th toons to hit max and our 3rd ally set.  We actually leveled them to 100 so we can use Phenx to pull our alliance toons to Zul’Jin for the glad sanctum kill achievements.  The things we do for those points.


Glory of the Pandaria Raider

Finally after a few years we finished our ach, getting the Heavenly Crimson Cloud Serpent mount.  One nerf that I can actually say I’m happy about is how they removed “Show Me Your Moves!” from the meta.  Because seriously, fuck that ach.  But nice job to those that actually were able to pull it off with a full group to get the mount before.  As for the mount itself…  Well it’s not my cup of tea but it’s one more checked off the list.


Home Sweet Home

Lilly and Lauria did take awhile to pack all their bags.  But they did have to make sure that all of those who stayed behind would be taken care of.  They have to be the responsible ones after all.  But after a short delay they took their (overstuffed) luggage and made their way.  Zul’Jin is offically home with their arrival.  It’s bitter sweet to say the least.  But I have faith (mostly in Naz) that this one will be better than the last.


One more day…

Well another day came and went with Lilly and Lauria still on Kil’Jaeden.  For some reason all transfers are being very slow the last couple days which made us very nervous.  With real life things today and trying to leave KJ in better hands for our alts, our day was eaten up rather quickly and we honestly didn’t want to wait 4 hours for our transfers to go through.  Myth on KJ is still “processing”.  But the offical Myth on Zul’Jin is up and running.  We got a wonderful GM to help us out with our name situation and we are very happy to finally be able to say we no longer have any special characters.