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Draenor Rep Grind

As of yesterday we have finally got all of our Draenor reputations to exalted.  Extremely disappointed by the lack of achievements for getting them all done but we did get serveral mounts, pets, and toys out of the ordeal.  One more thing checked off our gigantic to-do list.  The completion of these got Lauria and Lilly over 75 exalted reps.  The last rep ach was 60…  So hopefully they add at least one (more would be wonderful) achs in Legion.


Better Late Than Never

After what has been basically forever, I finished my legendary ring on Lilly.  I’m sure I am one of the last people who is actually playing to get it.  I always put off doing LFR because let’s face it, it’s generally one of the most terrible experiences in WoW.  I also didn’t really even care about finishing it because other than the ach points (which they will remove in Legion anyway) it was just a ring, which isn’t very cool.  But at least I’m done with that now and I don’t have to feel guilty about avoiding it.

Mounts, WoW


After what was basically forever we finally got up to 5k timewalking badges and were able to get the Ironbound Wraithcharger mount from the LK event.  It took so incredibly long because the TW events always seem to be on weeks where we have a million things going on.  It’s also slow since Blizzard thought it was a good idea to give gold for grouping but badges for queing alone as tank/heals.  So Naz and I are forever punished because we have eachother and we always bring guildies with us.  Seems completely fair.  We had to do a decent number of runs this time around since we were about 300 away after finishing our weekly quest.  But the mount does look awesome.  Next is the BC mount the Eclipse Dragonhawk.  Far less awesome for the same amount of work.  Then all the toys.  It will never end.


Ladies of War

As of tonight Lauria, Lilly and Parker are now the Ladies errr.. and Lord, of War.  We still have a few more to go before our entire group finishes but then those stupid buildings are coming down.  After that we get to start on the Inn.  Garrison achs never end.

Leveling, PvP, Zul'jin

Busy Week…

Yesterday I finally moved Parker from KJ to Zul’jin.  It was depressing logging onto him and him being alone over there.  Even though I could have leveled another pally it would have been sad to leave him since he was so fabulous.

We also started work on our Lady/Lord of War titles last night.  It didn’t go quite as planned, but what does.  Queue times were a tad bit longer than we expected so it took longer to get each one.  You also have to queue alone which led to some people getting in early, or not at all, during some rounds.  We also realized that once you win you are locked out for the week.  Which gave us less of an advantage each round.  But by the end of the night we did end up getting 5 of our titles.  We will be back on Tuesday for another go for the 8 (or 9 if you include my alt account) people that are going with us, including Naz and I, who didn’t get their titles yet.

The past 2 weeks we have been working on our Warlord of Draenor titles.  Which required us to get 500 kills of each ally race.  Naz and I set up groups for all but human and got our kills along with kills for a bunch of guildies and random strangers from group finder.  We still have a few that are missing some so we will have to go back and help people finish.  But while doing that we have been able to work on our bloody coins that we need to get the ugly mount from Timeless Isle.  After finishing all the nemesis quests you then have to do the Coliseum and get 100 kills.  Quite a few of us were able to finish that last night while working on our other titles.  So at least those that didn’t get to win were able to walk away with one title.

I also finished my Ally panda bear Cinnamon and got her to 100 today.  It would have been much faster but I was working on the Draenor Loremaster achs so I stayed in zones forever, getting reduced xp.  I did end up finishing SMV, Gorgrond, and Talador.  I only got 1 part of Spires done before I hit 100 though.  Spires and Nagrand will have to be for the next alt I roll.  I’m not sure how people complain about having to level and it being so slow.  I don’t have the 90-100 looms, didn’t use any xp potions or anything and it was pretty quick despite not leaving zones when I should have.  You also make a decent amount of gold if you actually play instead of skipping to 100.


Glory of the Thundering Raider

Tonight we finished our last two achievements that we needed to get our Glory of the Thundering Raider, that gave us the Armored Skyscreamer mount. One of last two achs we had was “you said crossing the streams was bad”, which was very unpleasant to do.  My laptop was trying to die when we were working on it.  I’m pretty sure I could hear it screaming while all the beams and fog were taking over my screen.  I actually died first on the try we got the ach on.  Thankfully our guildies have better working computer and internet then we did tonight.  It’s extremely unfortunate that the mount for this is so incredibly ugly though.  But oh well.  Another one for the count.  Next up is SoO and Glory of the Orgimmar Raider, which I’m missing 9 achs for currently.  That should be fun.  At least that mount is decent looking.

Leveling, PvP

Terror of the Tushui

Over the past couple weeks we have been working on our Nemesis quests.  We had every race, though some needed a bit of leveling, except a panda bear.  So last Sunday I made an adorable Alliance panda shaman named Cinnamon.  Today she hit 90.  6 days to get there.  The first day I hit 26, then mid 30s, mid 40s, 70, 80, 85, then 90.  Not too bad considering I didn’t really play her all that much.  So now on Monday we will finish our last nemesis quest.  Though it will be tragic seeing a panda die that much. Then we just have to do the Highmaul Coliseum part to get our Warlord of Draenor titles.