Glory of the Thundering Raider

Tonight we finished our last two achievements that we needed to get our Glory of the Thundering Raider, that gave us the Armored Skyscreamer mount. One of last two achs we had was “you said crossing the streams was bad”, which was very unpleasant to do.  My laptop was trying to die when we were working on it.  I’m pretty sure I could hear it screaming while all the beams and fog were taking over my screen.  I actually died first on the try we got the ach on.  Thankfully our guildies have better working computer and internet then we did tonight.  It’s extremely unfortunate that the mount for this is so incredibly ugly though.  But oh well.  Another one for the count.  Next up is SoO and Glory of the Orgimmar Raider, which I’m missing 9 achs for currently.  That should be fun.  At least that mount is decent looking.


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