After what was basically forever we finally got up to 5k timewalking badges and were able to get the Ironbound Wraithcharger mount from the LK event.  It took so incredibly long because the TW events always seem to be on weeks where we have a million things going on.  It’s also slow since Blizzard thought it was a good idea to give gold for grouping but badges for queing alone as tank/heals.  So Naz and I are forever punished because we have eachother and we always bring guildies with us.  Seems completely fair.  We had to do a decent number of runs this time around since we were about 300 away after finishing our weekly quest.  But the mount does look awesome.  Next is the BC mount the Eclipse Dragonhawk.  Far less awesome for the same amount of work.  Then all the toys.  It will never end.


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