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Salty Lillybella

Yesterday I decided I should do my fishing tournament and get my title.  I came in third (highly disappointed in myself).  First place was at 16 minutes, second at 17, and me at 18.  Next round we will do it on Undermine to try for our rings since basically nobody is on that server.  After the tournament I still had to do the “One That Didn’t Get Away”.  Luckily it didn’t take all that long and now Lilly is officially Salty.  I know there are some guildies that would agree.

I also finished up my 200 toys and got my Crashin’ Thrashin’ title.  I was worried it would take me a long time since I was so far behind on it.  But I went from 179 to 200 in 5 days.  I still have a list of what I need to try to get but for now I can put toys on the back burner.

I got my Legion pre-oder yesterday as well.  Boosted my adorable little goblin death knight, Fern.  Not that I don’t love leveling, but the profession boost is nice when I went with eng and enchanting.  I really hate leveling both of them.  I do have those on Zul’Jin already but it’s always nice to be able to have both kinds of engineering.  I also read that there are going to be a lot of toys/pets/mount for enchanting in Legion, so I wanted to have double cds for it.  Fern brings me to 12 100’s.  I honestly thought I was above that but I guess that’s what happens when you focus too much on low levels and don’t finish everyone stuck over 90.

I still feel like I have a million things left to do before Legion but I know that I’m doing pretty well checking them off my list.  Let’s hope that 3 months is enough.

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For the Horde!

I finally finished my ‘For the Horde’ achievement.  I did SW in 2014 with the guild during one of our year anniversary and never got around to doing the rest.  I always put it off because of how many people I would have to interact with for an extended period of time and I didn’t want to die.  But it was a mount that I was missing.  Since I still need a lot of mounts to get to 300 I thought I should do it when I saw it in group finder.  It was late so I figured I wouldn’t die, so I gave it a try.  Despite how incredibly annoying other people are in those groups, not to mention how little people know about the game these days, it went fairly well, though slow.  Didn’t die.  And now I’ve got another bear in my collection.

I also got the Fossilized Raptor again from archeology.  I had it on Lilly on my old account.  But it was lost and Lilly wasn’t able to loot it again.  So I had to level archelogy on another toon and try for it again.  But at least now that’s one more thing checked off my list.

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The Clock Is Ticking

Blizzard has finally announced the official release date for Legion, August 30th.  That leaves us with 4 and a half months until the expansion and 3 or so until the pre-patch.  Holy hell I’ve got to start hauling ass and finish my achievements.  I have to admit I’ve been slacking.  Naz has been doing all his things every week, never missing mount runs, all his rep dailies, etc.  While I on the other hand have been leveling a massive amount of toons and hunting for mog.  I’m really far behind and now I have a set amount of time to finish it all in.  Naz has finished a lot of his old dailies, most of archeology, got his 300 mounts, and I’ve been hiding and leveling.  Apparently I’ve got to stop now which is honestly sad.  I do love leveling, probably more than most people ever could.  But I do want Lilly to have all the achievements and I really want the 300 ach mount.  A lot to do, and now, very little time for it all.

I did finally make my Geosynchronous World Spinner, which brought me to 268 mounts on my main account, plus 8 on my second.  I think I’ll be merging them before Legion…  Maybe.  So that’s 276 total.  That’s a long way to 300.

I also read something that made me extremely happy today about Legion.  With the wonderful addition to the account wide mog tab, they are putting in achievements for it.  For collecting 25 of every slot, including shirts and tabards, you get the title Fabulous.  I am so excited.  I’ve been collecting more mog than I know what to do with.  Almost every toon I have has a full void storage, along with their bank.  Lilly, who has full hexweave on her and in her bank, has mog overflowing into her bags because I have too much.  I really want those tabs to be full when Legion hits.  Now I’m happy that I can say it’s all for an achievement, and not just my personal hoarding problem.

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Today we learned that the awesome title Predator wasn’t actually from PvP like we thought.  You just need rep, gold, patience, and a friend (or a tanking pet).  Still unsure of who I want to use this title on, but it’s definately going to go with someone.  This one brings me to 95, and Naz to 97, titles on our mains.  It’s too bad there are no achievements for having x amount of titles.  The achievement for this title doesn’t give points either; it’s just a feat of strength.  Even with so many options I still have trouble finding one for most of my toons.  Maybe I’m too picky.  That’s usually the case.

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Nazgul, Lord of the Reins

Being one mount away was basically killing Naz inside.  We did the weekly mount runs and  farmed Warbringers (which is completely frustrating and basically a waste of time thanks to cross-realm and realm hopping) and came up with nothing.  Since we haven’t pre-ordered Legion yet we decided now was a good time and got his so he could get his ach.  Now he’s got the Legion CE mount, Illidari Felstalker, and the pet, Nibbles, along with his incredibly beautiful Heavenly Azure Cloud Serpent from the 300 ach.

I am insanely jealous of the Cloud Serpent but I am really far from getting it.  One day I’ll get there.  Not before Legion.  But one day.  Until then I’ll just enjoy it on his account.


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Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent

In February I thought of this wonderful idea to farm the skyshards for the mount to give to Naz as one of his birthday presents.  I thought I wouldn’t have a problem doing it in 2-3 weeks since I had 4 already.  Well I was terribly wrong.  Not only did I miss his birthday, I missed it by a few months.  But today I finally was able to get my last skyshard, after over 13k kills, and get him his mount.  With the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent Naz now has 299 mounts.  He had finished his claws yesterday and was able to buy the Bristling Hellboar.

I also made a guide on farming the Skyshards for anyone looking to get the mount.  As for me, I’m going to buy mine.  Don’t judge me.  Once was enough.


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Knocking out the mounts

Naz got 4 mounts yesterday, to bring him to 297.  Only 3 to go for the Lord of the Reins achievement.  We did DS and the Blazing Drake dropped (!) which gave him the Awake the Drakes ach that awards the Emerald Drake.  Then we finally went and bought the Mosshide Riverwallow for 50k each.  I went and learned Goblin eng on Parker so I could make him the other mount, Depleted Kyparium Rocket.  Being the hoarder I am, I only had to buy the 60k in orbs.  We’ve got a few left to farm, like the one I was trying to farm for his birthday, along with all the drops.  We also haven’t pre-ordered Legion so we will get that mount once we do.  So close!  I’m definately going to have to make a new alt and mog on his account to match the 300 mount since it’s so pretty.