WoD Challenge Modes

One more giant thing checked off our list.  We finally got our CM carries done today.  Had some issues with the first group we had schedulded with (like the fact that they were inconsiderate assholes) but the DNO group we went with from KJ was great.  We would HIGHLY recommend them for anyone doing CMs if you have gold on KJ.  For finishing we got 360 ach points, the Indomitable title, the Challenger’s War Yeti mount, and opened up all the awesome transmogs.  While I won’t be using any of the mog for Lilly, they will be account wide in Legion so I’m going to have to go build new mogs for some of my alts.  So glad that this is finally out of the way and we didn’t miss it this time.  I’m still sad that we didn’t do it in MoP, since those mounts are amazing.

Oh and I also I passed 21k and Naz passed 22k achievement points after CMs and our Mythic SoO run.  I’m currently at 21,220 and Naz is at 22,150.  Getting up there!  Yay!



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