Knocking out the mounts

Naz got 4 mounts yesterday, to bring him to 297.  Only 3 to go for the Lord of the Reins achievement.  We did DS and the Blazing Drake dropped (!) which gave him the Awake the Drakes ach that awards the Emerald Drake.  Then we finally went and bought the Mosshide Riverwallow for 50k each.  I went and learned Goblin eng on Parker so I could make him the other mount, Depleted Kyparium Rocket.  Being the hoarder I am, I only had to buy the 60k in orbs.  We’ve got a few left to farm, like the one I was trying to farm for his birthday, along with all the drops.  We also haven’t pre-ordered Legion so we will get that mount once we do.  So close!  I’m definately going to have to make a new alt and mog on his account to match the 300 mount since it’s so pretty.


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