Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent

In February I thought of this wonderful idea to farm the skyshards for the mount to give to Naz as one of his birthday presents.  I thought I wouldn’t have a problem doing it in 2-3 weeks since I had 4 already.  Well I was terribly wrong.  Not only did I miss his birthday, I missed it by a few months.  But today I finally was able to get my last skyshard, after over 13k kills, and get him his mount.  With the Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent Naz now has 299 mounts.  He had finished his claws yesterday and was able to buy the Bristling Hellboar.

I also made a guide on farming the Skyshards for anyone looking to get the mount.  As for me, I’m going to buy mine.  Don’t judge me.  Once was enough.



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