The Clock Is Ticking

Blizzard has finally announced the official release date for Legion, August 30th.  That leaves us with 4 and a half months until the expansion and 3 or so until the pre-patch.  Holy hell I’ve got to start hauling ass and finish my achievements.  I have to admit I’ve been slacking.  Naz has been doing all his things every week, never missing mount runs, all his rep dailies, etc.  While I on the other hand have been leveling a massive amount of toons and hunting for mog.  I’m really far behind and now I have a set amount of time to finish it all in.  Naz has finished a lot of his old dailies, most of archeology, got his 300 mounts, and I’ve been hiding and leveling.  Apparently I’ve got to stop now which is honestly sad.  I do love leveling, probably more than most people ever could.  But I do want Lilly to have all the achievements and I really want the 300 ach mount.  A lot to do, and now, very little time for it all.

I did finally make my Geosynchronous World Spinner, which brought me to 268 mounts on my main account, plus 8 on my second.  I think I’ll be merging them before Legion…  Maybe.  So that’s 276 total.  That’s a long way to 300.

I also read something that made me extremely happy today about Legion.  With the wonderful addition to the account wide mog tab, they are putting in achievements for it.  For collecting 25 of every slot, including shirts and tabards, you get the title Fabulous.  I am so excited.  I’ve been collecting more mog than I know what to do with.  Almost every toon I have has a full void storage, along with their bank.  Lilly, who has full hexweave on her and in her bank, has mog overflowing into her bags because I have too much.  I really want those tabs to be full when Legion hits.  Now I’m happy that I can say it’s all for an achievement, and not just my personal hoarding problem.


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