For the Horde!

I finally finished my ‘For the Horde’ achievement.  I did SW in 2014 with the guild during one of our year anniversary and never got around to doing the rest.  I always put it off because of how many people I would have to interact with for an extended period of time and I didn’t want to die.  But it was a mount that I was missing.  Since I still need a lot of mounts to get to 300 I thought I should do it when I saw it in group finder.  It was late so I figured I wouldn’t die, so I gave it a try.  Despite how incredibly annoying other people are in those groups, not to mention how little people know about the game these days, it went fairly well, though slow.  Didn’t die.  And now I’ve got another bear in my collection.

I also got the Fossilized Raptor again from archeology.  I had it on Lilly on my old account.  But it was lost and Lilly wasn’t able to loot it again.  So I had to level archelogy on another toon and try for it again.  But at least now that’s one more thing checked off my list.


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