Salty Lillybella

Yesterday I decided I should do my fishing tournament and get my title.  I came in third (highly disappointed in myself).  First place was at 16 minutes, second at 17, and me at 18.  Next round we will do it on Undermine to try for our rings since basically nobody is on that server.  After the tournament I still had to do the “One That Didn’t Get Away”.  Luckily it didn’t take all that long and now Lilly is officially Salty.  I know there are some guildies that would agree.

I also finished up my 200 toys and got my Crashin’ Thrashin’ title.  I was worried it would take me a long time since I was so far behind on it.  But I went from 179 to 200 in 5 days.  I still have a list of what I need to try to get but for now I can put toys on the back burner.

I got my Legion pre-oder yesterday as well.  Boosted my adorable little goblin death knight, Fern.  Not that I don’t love leveling, but the profession boost is nice when I went with eng and enchanting.  I really hate leveling both of them.  I do have those on Zul’Jin already but it’s always nice to be able to have both kinds of engineering.  I also read that there are going to be a lot of toys/pets/mount for enchanting in Legion, so I wanted to have double cds for it.  Fern brings me to 12 100’s.  I honestly thought I was above that but I guess that’s what happens when you focus too much on low levels and don’t finish everyone stuck over 90.

I still feel like I have a million things left to do before Legion but I know that I’m doing pretty well checking them off my list.  Let’s hope that 3 months is enough.


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