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Vankora, Weilder of Shadowmourne

I finally have finished Shadowmourne!  I had terrible luck with shards up until the last 2 weeks when I got 5 & 4.  Before then I ended up with about 2 per week.  Awesome luck just like I had with the hammer.  After completing the quest that gives the axe you get a chest that drops off the LK.  This chest gives Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger, Muradin’s Favor, Jaina’s Locket, Tabard of the Lightbringer, and Sylvanas’ Music Box.  We had already bought the mount several years ago but at least we have it to sell now.  Now we have to work on Naz’s.


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Blackhand’s Crucible

On Wed we killed Mythic Blackhand who dropped the Ironhoof Destroyer mount and awarded us with the Ironbane title.  We ran with a nice group from Zul’Jin, SiF, if anyone else is looking into buying the kill.  We figured for the price it was well worth it to not have another 1% mount to have to farm.  The mount isn’t bad either.  It’s gigantic though.


Along with the mount we did get all the loot we could use on our toons, which gave us some awesome mog weapons.  Naz got a 2h mace and I got a 1h sword.  Luckily we actually got the weapon drops that we could use in the right runs.  And then we proceeded to spend an hour making warrior mogs with them…  Don’t judge me.


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Mount Collector Woes

Every week we both make a spreasheet for all our weekly raids.  This list has every toon 85+ on it.  We have a different list for which toon of mine goes with his.  It is a more organized way to do things but oh god is it depressing.  When you hit the end of the week and you have all these Xs and then you have to delete it and start all over that is so sad.  The joys of mount farming.  Are those joys? This week alone my toons tried for 72(!) mounts, as did Naz.  How many did we end up with?  Well that would be 0.  And this is the life of a mount collector.  I know, I know. I did end up with 2 mounts in a row.  But no, I’m not lucky.  I swear that is the most annoying thing that we hear on a regular basis.  We aren’t lucky.  We just spend a lot of time trying.  Luck is running in for the first time and walking out on a new mount.  It’s not farming on 10+ toons a week most weeks.  I know that I’ve taken some breaks from mount farming.  But even so I still get a few runs in every week.  When I am actively farming them I do everyone that I can.  And Naz.. Oh poor Naz.  He hasn’t taken a break from mount farming.  He does all his shit every week and rarely has anything to show for it.  So please… Don’t say we are lucky when we get super excited about a mount finally dropping.  Our finally dropping, is a well deserved finally.  Not oh god I’m so lazy that I did it 6 times and it “finally” dropped.  You sir need to fuck off. *Rant Over*

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The Army Grows

We had been working on Charlemagne and Periwinkle this week and today we finally hit 100 on them.  Those poor toons had been sitting in their garrisons for months waiting to be leveled.  These two made the 12th 100 for Naz, and my 14th.  We went out to Tanaan and spent a few hours farming gear and didn’t have the best of luck.  We ended up getting most of our slots.  One of us did better than the other.  But who am I to complain.  WoW gave me all the luck I will ever get last week.

We still have a handful of toons over 90 waiting.  Though at this point it seems unlikely they will all hit 100 before Legion.  Next up is Ellia and Duritz.  They will probably be the last set before the expansion.  Our to do list is far too long at this point to level all of them unfortunately.   They will get there eventually though…  If I ever stop leveling new ones.  Or not.




This past week I’ve been blessed by the WoW Gods.  On Monday I finally got Lilly’s mog axe, Elegion, the Fanged Crescent, to drop in MV.  Then we went to Heroic DS and the Life-binder’s Handmaiden dropped.  Naz passed for me, since 1. I’m working on my 300 ach, and 2. It’s insanely girly.  Today we went for our weekly MV run to continue trying for Magnolia’s mog shoulders and the mount and… IT DROPPED!  Since I really love it and Naz has the Sha mount which is his favorite in game, he passed on it for me.  I’m super excited!  I’m actually going to give up using Invincible to use the Astral.  It’s so incredibly amazing looking.  I think I have used all my good luck for the next 5 years.  If so, it is worth it.

Handmaiden and astral

We also finished our Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider meta achievement on Saturday which awarded the Reins of Galakras mount.  We still have two more weeks of SoO guild runs to help get the rest of our group complete their metas.  After that we only have to worry about mog and the Kor’kron Juggernaut off Mythic Garrosh.  So that won’t be happening for awhile.  I wouldn’t ever use that mount anyway.


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All the Pallies!

I got my Paladin, Dylan, leveled up on Undermine.  It’s always nice to have toons on dead realms to pull with.  He makes number 13 for 100s, and my 4th pally.  My mage is still sitting at 98 with Naz’s pally.  We need to finish them before Legion but somehow it keeps getting farther down our to do list.  Trying to get all the achs we can and farm all the toys/mounts we are missing leaves little time for all the other random things we want to get done.  I am over 21.6k achievement points though.  My list seems to just keep getting longer, even when we cross things off.  In 3 months it’s going to be insane though.  Hopefully I can get more finished before then.


Lillybella of the Jungle

Finally decided to go out and grind the remaining 4k or so claws I needed for the “I Came, I Clawed, I Conquered” achievement which completed the “Rumble in the Jungle” meta.  I got the Bristling Hellboar (which is not pretty and would not be worth farming 5k claws to buy if not for the ach).  I also picked up the follower so I could be completely finished with the kitty men and never return.  One big time sink off my t0-do list before Legion.  I’m getting there… Slowly, but surely.