The Army Grows

We had been working on Charlemagne and Periwinkle this week and today we finally hit 100 on them.  Those poor toons had been sitting in their garrisons for months waiting to be leveled.  These two made the 12th 100 for Naz, and my 14th.  We went out to Tanaan and spent a few hours farming gear and didn’t have the best of luck.  We ended up getting most of our slots.  One of us did better than the other.  But who am I to complain.  WoW gave me all the luck I will ever get last week.

We still have a handful of toons over 90 waiting.  Though at this point it seems unlikely they will all hit 100 before Legion.  Next up is Ellia and Duritz.  They will probably be the last set before the expansion.  Our to do list is far too long at this point to level all of them unfortunately.   They will get there eventually though…  If I ever stop leveling new ones.  Or not.



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