Mount Collector Woes

Every week we both make a spreasheet for all our weekly raids.  This list has every toon 85+ on it.  We have a different list for which toon of mine goes with his.  It is a more organized way to do things but oh god is it depressing.  When you hit the end of the week and you have all these Xs and then you have to delete it and start all over that is so sad.  The joys of mount farming.  Are those joys? This week alone my toons tried for 72(!) mounts, as did Naz.  How many did we end up with?  Well that would be 0.  And this is the life of a mount collector.  I know, I know. I did end up with 2 mounts in a row.  But no, I’m not lucky.  I swear that is the most annoying thing that we hear on a regular basis.  We aren’t lucky.  We just spend a lot of time trying.  Luck is running in for the first time and walking out on a new mount.  It’s not farming on 10+ toons a week most weeks.  I know that I’ve taken some breaks from mount farming.  But even so I still get a few runs in every week.  When I am actively farming them I do everyone that I can.  And Naz.. Oh poor Naz.  He hasn’t taken a break from mount farming.  He does all his shit every week and rarely has anything to show for it.  So please… Don’t say we are lucky when we get super excited about a mount finally dropping.  Our finally dropping, is a well deserved finally.  Not oh god I’m so lazy that I did it 6 times and it “finally” dropped.  You sir need to fuck off. *Rant Over*


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