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Firelands: DONE

We both have finally finished Firelands, with Naz getting his druid toy last week and me getting my missing mount tonight.

Check mark symbolToy     Check mark symbolLegendary Staff      Check mark symbolFlametalon of Alysrazor      Check mark symbolSmoldering Egg of Millagazor

Our FL check list is now complete.  Not going back there, even if we missed mog, for a very long time.

WoWScrnShot_062816_211832 WoWScrnShot_062816_195626


Blog, Mounts, WoW

Mogu’shan Vaults: DONE

5 weeks after I got my Astral Cloud serpent, Naz and I were doing our alt MV run on Duritz and Ellia and it dropped!!  One thing off our list.  And this time it’s one awesome thing.  We never did get Magnolia’s mog shoulders, but that can wait.



Achs and Belfs and Warcraft Oh My

On Saturday we did Heroic Highmaul with the guild and finished our Savage Hero achievement which awarded the title of the same name.  We also ended up with some snazzy new mog.  Because I obviously had room for that…

We also finished leveling Ellia and Duritz from 95.  They made my 15th 100 and Naz’s 13th.  They were also the first set of new toons that we have leveled on Zul’Jin.  Next up is probably a priest for me, since I have yet to get one to 100.  Trying to convince a stranger to let me have his name so I don’t have to use special characters for her though.  But that seems unlikely since he’s ignored me every previous time I’ve asked.  To be fair, I did offer to pay him, and the toon is only 13 and not on his main server or faction.  So yeah maybe I did slightly stalk this guy so I could try to get the name.  It’s worth a shot, even if I look like a creeper.  Oh and after 2 days, he never replied.  So that dude is a total asshat.  And it looks like yet another toon with special characters because some low level that is never going to be used has the name.


We also saw Warcraft on Friday.  We would highly recommend any WoW lover to go see it.  Though not completely on par with lore, still a wonderful job.  Here’s to hoping it does well enough for them to keep going.

Tonight we also helped a handful of 12 or so random people and a few guildies finish up their PvP race kills to get their titles.  Apparently people hate pandas and doing Ashran with them.  Leave it up to me to level all the panda bears.

We are getting closer and closer to the prepatch and we certainly aren’t knocking enough off to feel comfortable.  But we are trudging along.  Hopefully we will get a bit farther before Legion hits.  Because I can’t imagine how we will find the time for our current to do list in addition to all that Legion is going to add to it.  Fingers crossed for better luck.