Lillybella, Lord of the Reins

I got my achievement!  I’m done.  I can finally breathe and play the game without stressing every second about finishing my ach before Legion.  It was becoming rather stressful trying to fit in all our weekly raids, dailies, etc to try and get mounts.  I got discouraged several times over the last few months when I decided to really try for it.  First off, I thought I was much closer because when we started I was using my second account.  I had collected several TCG mounts, a dungeon drop, and about half the Argent Tournament mounts, with the intention of merging my accounts.  Unfortunately several weeks ago after putting in a ticket with Blizzard to merge them, I was informed that merging would delete EVERYTHING off my second account.  All my mounts/toys/pets would be lost.  I decided at that point that I was done.  I had counted all my mounts and merging would have put me at my achievement.  Then all the sudden it was lost and I had 11 more mounts to go.  It was incredibly frustrating and made me completely want to quit trying.  But Naz convinced me that we would keep going and we would get it.  When I really started pushing at the end of April I had 276 mounts total (both accounts).  The beginning of June I hit 300 and then got pushed back to 289.  One month later and I’m done.  I could not have done it without Naz constantly reassuring me that we would finish, and pushing me to do one more run.  This week alone we did 16 DS runs, 6 FL runs (then the mount dropped!), killed 35 Warbringers (no mount dropped) and did a handful of UP runs.  Most weeks while we were tying we got in 80+ mount attempts.  Today I finished my last Argent Tournament mount and bought the Wolly Rhino (again…) which got me my ach.  Now I’m going to relax and level my priest and give poor Naz a break.

On a side note, we both have our computers upgraded for Legion.  I got a desktop finally and I can actually play on Ultra.  Now I can see the full beauty of my Azure Cloud Serpent.



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