With the prepatch catching a turtle has become much easier.  There are a ton of groups in LFG for turtle farming.  Naz and I decided to join one and give it a try.  Naz got his Riding Turtle first, but I got mine shortly after.  We now have both of the turtles and are done with WoD fishing.  Can’t say I will miss that.


Along with turtles, the prepatch came out on Tuesday.  Even though the demon invasions don’t begin until next week there are currently a million things to get done.  First off, mog. Oh love of god.  I do finally have room in my toons banks and bags, which is nice.  But now I feel compelled to fill all the missing spots in my collections tab.  I’m going to be at it for basically forever.  Along with that they added illusions to collect for your weapons.  Which means more old raids and current LFR.  Then they added a bunch of toys.  So camping and fighting Ally for those.  There is so much to do and more to come before Legion.  How people can complain that there isn’t anything to do is beyond me.  They are either lazy as fuck, or they probably haven’t seen the sun in 10 years.  I for one feel overwhelmed that Legion will be out in a month.  I am NOT prepared.


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