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A Growing Army to Fight the Legion

This week we have got two more of our sets to 100.  First we finished off our gnome monks that we started a few weeks ago, Tansy and Staplegunned.  I’m surprisingly enjoying windwalker.  We had attempted to make several monks before but I’ve always been mistweaver, not that I don’t enjoy it, just not my favorite healers.  But this time I liked it much better, and the fact that they were gnomes made them more awesome.  We are supposed to have matching mogs for them.  But I’m missing several key items from SoO, so for the moment Naz is in his but I’m roughing it.

After finishing our gnomes, we started working on one of the sets we had at 86, my shaman Elli, and his pally Ema.  With these two sets complete, that brings me to a total of 20 100’s and Naz to 18.  Not bad for an expansion, especially considering that we only did invasions on the last two sets and did quests on our monks more than anything.

We have done all the pre-patch events on Horde and Alliance.  I have to say, as someone who is Horde, that the Alliance broken shores scenario was much, much better, for me at least.  While they did both make me cry (which most cut scenes in WoW do) the Alliance one was truly awful.  It broke my heart for the Alliance.  I do think that it is much better to have seen both sides of it, to understand the full story of what happened.  So if you have toons of the opposite factions, I would highly recommend doing the quest line on them.

There is just one more day until Legion drops.  Honestly, I can’t believe it’s that soon.  I guess life has been so hectic lately that the time we had until Legion has flown by.  But I really do not feel prepared now.


EDIT: Forget all that about the ally broken shore being better, FOR THE HORDE.

EDIT to the EDIT: That was Naz.