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Out for launch with my lady

It’s been over a week now since Legion dropped and I have to say that although I was dreading the new grind of achievements etc, I am pretty pleased. As a vanilla veteran, this launch was the smoothest I have experienced. The class quests and then spec specific quests filtered out the crowd, along with the fact that we could choose any starting zone we wanted.

We are seven days in and tonight we just finished our fourth zone. We’ve been doing all quests, rares, treasures and pets in each zone before moving on. The questing has been great, though I am a little annoyed at the sheer volume of deaths that the alliance and horde have endured, not to mention the nightmare consumed as well. Even with that, the lore has been amazing. I love the music, every zone has its own feel and the music really helps with immersion. The animals model upgrades look great, I have to admit since I started in vanilla wow’s graphics have come a very long way. I know some people level in a hurry to gear for raiding, I used to be one of them, but I level to experience the zones now, for completion and to just spend time with Em. Legion has been great for those reasons thus far.

The mount count… well as a big collector myself I have to say the count is very low for additions and a very large percentage of those added are exclusive to pvp, including the storm drake and unicorn models which irks me to say the least. Pets wise, I’m pretty happy. There are the normal recolored old models but also some new ones with flavor. I can’t really comment on dungeons just yet other than to say there are multiple quests and I recommend waiting until you hit the dungeon wall on your professions, class hall, and zone before queing up unless you want to repeat them. That being said and although it makes sense that many of the pillars of creation are inside dungeons, I feel like group quests would have been better, you shouldn’t be killing the boss over and over for 2 years that had the pillar, at least in my opinion. I guess group quests are simply dead, and I am an old timer now to think they should be in game. Professions are somewhat closer to the vanilla feel but even heavier on the questing. I like this process much better than the garrison concept of leveling them but i’m not yet sold on if its too many quests or just enough. Time will have to tell.

The guild is going good, its about as low key as we wanted but very active. I think 25-30 online is more our style. The days of 50-100 are long gone for me. I’ve enjoyed it though, the questing with Em while she takes screenshots of baby animals with only 4-5 whispers instead of 15 is great for me. Every expansion I play with her makes me wonder how I ever played without her… and that being said, she just killed me by running us into alliance guards.

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Week 1 of Legion

We are almost a week into Legion now.  After 6 days we got Lilly and Lauria to 110.  We weren’t in any sort of hurry to level, and only finished 3 zones before dinging.  We have been trying to finish everything in the zone we could before moving on; all quests, exploration, and getting all the new pets.  We did Highmountain first, mainly because they have Moose.  I don’t think there is any more explanation needed for that.  It was very pretty out there, and they had so many moose everywhere!  We also got to save a baby cow and take him back to his mom (which was sad because I wanted to keep him forever), which was pretty adorable.  We are still missing a couple of the rares to finish up our ach out there, but they seem to be tied to world quests that haven’t been up.  So we will have to venture out there to make sure we get those done.  After Highmountain we did Val’sharah, the druid zone.  It was also so so pretty out there, in a completely different way but so pretty.  And they have Unicorns!  All over.  Unicorns.  So awesome.  And faerie dragons.  So they probably win with those two things alone.  The quests in the zone were also amazing, and horribly sad, with a hint of being extremely annoyed that they are killing so many characters this expansion.  We got all of our achs done there so we moved onto Azsuna next.  Not quite as pretty as the other two, but they also had Unicorns.  And, they had blue unicorns!  They were magical.  They also had satan unicorns, but even evil ones are pretty.  I think I spent more time stopping for animal screenshots so far than I have in all other expansions combined.  There are just way too many cute things that I need to take pictures of.  On that note, I had to make a new gallery just for my animal pictures.  Because who doesn’t love cute animals, even if they are only pixelated.  Anyway, we finished up our quests in Azsuna and hit 110.  We still have some baby animals to find for Naz, because like always he gives them to me first.  There are also two pets that only spawn in the day or night, and we have only been out there at night.  So we have to venture out during the day at some point to get the other.  We have yet to even go into Stormheim, and now that we are 110 we have Suramar to do as well.

Last expansion, WoD had garrisons, this time around Legion has given us class halls.  Something that was supposed to be amazing, and for most classes is.  Naz, having rolled a druid main, got the best class hall ever.  I had a chance to look at it and run around and it is incredible.  First off it’s huge and so beautiful.  Their class hall is more of a class zone, a real home for the druids.  They have everything druid related.  There are so many neat little extra things that they added, with something around every corner.  They have portals to where all the world dragons used to be.  They also have a boomkin teaching little baby druids the ways of balance, which has got to be the most adorable thing ever.  We took lots of screenshots and posted them in a new gallery just for the class halls.  Druid pictures are by far the best.  They also make me even more sad when I have to be a rogue that hangs out in the sewer of all places.  I don’t even know if there are enough words to describe how depressing it is that my main is such an awful class.  I’m not a rogue at heart.  I don’t want to be in a sewer.  I’m not below everyone else.  God damn I am far too pretty to be in a gross sewer.  I understand that the majority of the rogue class are the thieving, hiding in shadows sort.  But not me.  I think they should give friend passes out, so I can go live with the druids.  The rogue “class hall” first off is extremely small and well, looks just like the normal sewer, with just an increase in the amount of crap..  No offense to other rogues (well that’s not really true, but I don’t care).  I am extremely disappointed in the hall, along with the legendary quest chain for the outlaw weapon.  Out of the three for rogues, outlaw was by far lacking the most.  I really think they should have put us in Ravenholdt or something awesome.  Hey I would have taken a pirate ship over the sewer.  But despite being extremely unimpressed, and well depressed, about what Legion (well Blizzard) has offered rogues so far, I do still like the expansion.  I’m just trying to ignore the fact that Lilly has to associate with those kind of people and live a wonderful life through Lauria.

We are also coming up on our 5 year anniversary for Myth.  5 years.  It seems pretty crazy that it’s been that long.  The guild has been through a lot of changes over the years but we are going strong.  Last expansion it was incredibly overwhelming with how many people we had online, our 3 raids teams, pvp teams, etc.  This launch is much more, well Myth style.  Calm.  Friendly.  We still have 30+ online, but not 100+ like WoD, which was insane.  Myth is much more of what we want it to be this expansion.  It’s still very early on, but I think Legion will go good for Myth.  We were supposed to have our anniversary party next week, but with all the leveling and gearing going on, people getting ready for the raid in a few weeks, we decided to hold off for a little bit.  We are going to combine the anniversary and the Halloween party for one mega Myth bash.  It also gives Naz and I more time to get shit situated for it.  Since RL has been crazy lately we haven’t had a whole lot of spare time.  Now to start some serious party planning, and think up another awesome costume to beat last years Mummy and Indiana Jones one.  This might be hard, because that was awesome.