Out for launch with my lady

It’s been over a week now since Legion dropped and I have to say that although I was dreading the new grind of achievements etc, I am pretty pleased. As a vanilla veteran, this launch was the smoothest I have experienced. The class quests and then spec specific quests filtered out the crowd, along with the fact that we could choose any starting zone we wanted.

We are seven days in and tonight we just finished our fourth zone. We’ve been doing all quests, rares, treasures and pets in each zone before moving on. The questing has been great, though I am a little annoyed at the sheer volume of deaths that the alliance and horde have endured, not to mention the nightmare consumed as well. Even with that, the lore has been amazing. I love the music, every zone has its own feel and the music really helps with immersion. The animals model upgrades look great, I have to admit since I started in vanilla wow’s graphics have come a very long way. I know some people level in a hurry to gear for raiding, I used to be one of them, but I level to experience the zones now, for completion and to just spend time with Em. Legion has been great for those reasons thus far.

The mount count… well as a big collector myself I have to say the count is very low for additions and a very large percentage of those added are exclusive to pvp, including the storm drake and unicorn models which irks me to say the least. Pets wise, I’m pretty happy. There are the normal recolored old models but also some new ones with flavor. I can’t really comment on dungeons just yet other than to say there are multiple quests and I recommend waiting until you hit the dungeon wall on your professions, class hall, and zone before queing up unless you want to repeat them. That being said and although it makes sense that many of the pillars of creation are inside dungeons, I feel like group quests would have been better, you shouldn’t be killing the boss over and over for 2 years that had the pillar, at least in my opinion. I guess group quests are simply dead, and I am an old timer now to think they should be in game. Professions are somewhat closer to the vanilla feel but even heavier on the questing. I like this process much better than the garrison concept of leveling them but i’m not yet sold on if its too many quests or just enough. Time will have to tell.

The guild is going good, its about as low key as we wanted but very active. I think 25-30 online is more our style. The days of 50-100 are long gone for me. I’ve enjoyed it though, the questing with Em while she takes screenshots of baby animals with only 4-5 whispers instead of 15 is great for me. Every expansion I play with her makes me wonder how I ever played without her… and that being said, she just killed me by running us into alliance guards.


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