A Myth, Five Years in the Making

Yesterday we had our 5 year guild anniversary and annual Halloween party.  Our official 5 year date was in September, but with the release of Legion only two week prior and with everyone questing and gearing to raid we decided it was better if we waited.  We had a decent turnout, actually much better than I expected, since a lot of our causal members have been taking a bit of a break lately.  We had about 20 people show, which is enough to make it fun, but not enough that it becomes more chaotic.  A lot of the newer people showed up for their first Myth party.  I think it was a good time to get everyone together and involve the newer people with our old members.  We got several comments from newer members about how they had never been in a guild that did parties and gave out prizes, etc.  That is what we strive for.  To be a guild that sets us apart from the rest because we care, because we involve everyone, not just raiders.  With it being our 5 year anniversary we gave out prizes to everyone, including 5 mounts, pets, toys, gold and a month of game time.  We had a costume contest, which went much better than I thought since most people didn’t seem interested.  This year Naz and I dressed up as a magician and his bunny.  Naz’s half was much better than mine.  I am also a GIANT bunny.  I don’t think I could have possibly fit into his hat.  Which btw we bought for 50k.  Worth it.  After the costume contest we had a Halloween themed scavenger hunt around Tirisfal Glades and then tonk battles.  The first, second and third place winners for all games got gold prizes.  We ended up giving out about 50k of our personal gold away for the prizes.  This year, like every, we got compliments on how organized and put together everything was and how smoothly it all ran.  While it is worth it because we make everyone happy, nobody has any idea how stressful a silly WoW party can be.  This year we also had to do the party while getting all the kids ready for bed and one of us having to walk away while the other handled things.  Naz had to do the tonk battles this year, which is always something I do, because I had to put a kid to bed.  Right before the party I had to get all the t-shirts up on the website and we had to make sure all the final preparations were done.  That 2 hour party, causes many hours of stress.  It makes it all worth it though when everyone whispers us about how they had a great time and we did an amazing job.  Making sure that people who usually don’t get noticed in the guild, get noticed at parties, so they feel like they are a real part of the guild.  Our parties are more than just a chance to throw prizes at people.  It’s a chance for everyone to come together in a non-stressful environment.  It’s a chance to have everyone meet each other because while we are all in the same guild, a lot of us only see each other in game at parties.  It’s a chance for all the different groups, the raiders, the pvpers, the casuals, to come together and enjoy the same thing.  It’s a chance for us to show everyone what Myth is really about.  It’s about how no matter who you are, or what you like, you can be part of something.  Myth is about community, it’s about family.  We really hope that when someone comes to one of our parties, they feel it.  That is what makes it all worth it.


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