A Tiny Constellation of Our Own

On Tuesday patch 7.1 dropped, which included the new Kara, new world quests, another Suramar quest line and all sorts of other things.  But above everything, it included the new Raiding with Leashes achievement.  This achievement included pets dropped from ToC, Ulduar, and ICC.  To be honest, the majority of the pets on the ach are rather ugly, but there are a couple that are decent looking, along with a pretty new dragon. The reward was an invitation to pet battle Algalon.  You also do not need to worry about saving him while clearing Ulduar.  When you battle him you will do so outside of the raid.  After beating him in battle, you receive the celestial rabbit, Stardust.  This is by far the best Raiding with Leashes reward and is the best pet they have put into Legion.  After running the raids for 4 days we finished our achievements and are now the proud owners of the most adorable starry bunny.  He also hops around and does little star spells, which is very cute.

For those of you who are rather lazy, the pets can be purchased on the auction house, but the pet off Yogg will come at a hefty price (if you can find it).  But at 110 (even 100) these raids go pretty quickly.  It’s also a nice chance to get some new mog for your collection.

And a word of warning, you need to complete the ach while on a toon that can fly in Northrend.  So make sure you learn your last pet on a toon above 80, with flying.  The invitation is not account wide as of right now.



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