Gorillas and Protoss and Christmas Oh My!

I am finally trying to get around to updating all our transmogs.  This is obviously making things rather empty and messy at the moment but it’s a work in progress.  Due to the way mogs will now be posted though they will show up on the main page.  So I’ve created a blog page just for my WoW rantings.  Hopefully things will being to look better in the near future, but please bear with me.  It’s bound to be a long process considering how busy we have been irl, especially with the holidays right around the corner.

Speaking of the holidays, Black Friday sales finally gave us a reason to buy Overwatch and Starcraft for the pets.  Overwatch: Origins is on sale from $60 to $35, and gives the Baby Winston pet.  Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void is on sale from $40 to $30, and gives the Zeradar pet.  If you haven’t already, right now is a great time to do so, especially if you are like us and will never play the games.


As far as WoW is concerned lately, we haven’t had much time to play.  We barely seem to find the time to log in and get some of our daily things done.  We did complete our Legion Loremaster achievement last week by finishing up the Good Samaritan ach and hitting exalted with the Nightfallen.  We are getting close to have all of our Legion reps at exalted, excluding Conjurer Margoss.  That is on our to-do list, which we really need to work on, because fish mount.  Legion content in general certainly is having a bad effect on us though.  There is just an overwhelming amount of things to get done everyday.  I’m all for lots of content, but I want to have time to do the things I actually enjoy in the game.  It seems that you really can’t do both.  So we have been putting Legion on the back burner, and getting more of our transmog and/or mount runs done instead.  It’s hard, but we have come to realize that we cannot do all the WQ and normal quest chains and do our weekly runs.  So we are just trying to focus on what we enjoy, and slowly doing the other things.  Though we are already pretty far behind it’s not currently bothering us terribly.  At the end of the day, if a game isn’t fun, why play it.

With the holidays here and things being so busy we almost forgot about the guild’s annual holiday party.  We just realized we haven’t even set a date for it yet.  After looking at the calendar, we realized the only day we have open (somewhat even) is December 17th, also known as my birthday.  So now it’s time for party planning.  Time for finding gifts of all sizes, games and prizes and a perfect wintry wonderland to have it in.  I also need to pull Lilly’s Christmas outfit out of the closet.  It probably needs to be steam cleaned, especially with all the weird foods I’ve had to store in there lately.