Happy Holidays!

Yesterday we had our annual holiday party for Myth. We had a pretty decent turn out for how the guild has been lately and with how close we are to the holidays.  We did a winter themed scavenger hunt in Winterspring and tonk battles.  Throughout the party we gave out a handful of mounts and pets, including a few from the Blizzard store. We always try to make sure that everyone who comes gets a present they don’t have from Father Winter. We ended up spending about a 200k on the party, with half of it coming from our pockets.  It’s always worth it just to have someone be excited about their present.  You can’t put a price tag on happiness right?  We wrapped up the Myth’s year with fun and festivities, giving back to our guildies, and looking forward to what 2017 will have in store for us.  First thing on the list for 2017, Nighthold!

This year for a special holiday treat for our officers we sent goodie bags to each of them to say thank you.  And by goodie bag I mean a box of oreo bark, chocolate dipped pretzels, brownies, muddy buddies, gingerbread and sugar cookies.  22 hours of baking later and our tasty treats were on the way.  Hopefully the post office doesn’t destroy everything to a fine powder before they arrive.  Fingers crossed.


Our party also ended up landing on my birthday, due to us being fairly busy all other weekends with the holidays.  It’s okay though, we celebrated early irl with awesome cheesecake and beautiful flowers, among other things.  Then I got a ton of new toys in game.  That moment when you are trying to find something for someone in game but they collect all the things… Sorry honey.  One of the new toys I got was the JewelCraft mini game.  The achievement that goes with it is only for getting 250k points, which is super easy.  I could probably play that forever.  Nice time sink right there.  I did get the Fel Kitten earlier in the month, which was supposed to be for my birthday, but I get super excited and want it asap.  If you haven’t got the kitty, I would highly suggest it as it’s adorable.  So adorable in fact, that we gave 2 away for our party.


This time of year also brings Winter Veil.  And another year to kill the Greench 500 times and never get any of the toys we are missing.  That’s always fun right?  This will hopefully be the year we finish up some of our missing achievements though.  We are always so busy during the holidays that we never have time to get them done.  It’s been like 5 years of us saying every day during the event that we need to go do them, and then running out of time or getting sidetracked.  Hopefully we can remember and knock out some more points though.  Sidenote, the achievement for BB King, is also very depressing now.  Varian and Vol’jin are no longer on the achievement due to their horribly tragic deaths this expansion.  Ugh.  RIGHT IN THE FEELS BLIZZARD.  Not cool.

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season.  Stay safe and stay warm.  Enjoy your time off and spend time with your family, friends, fur babies, or alone if that makes you happy.  Just enjoy yourself.  We hope to spend 2017 with you.



We got all dressed up in our fancy holiday sweaters, grabbed our flying reindeer and went and got our BB King and A-Caroling We Will Go achievements finally.  Finishing those two put me 5 points away from 23k.  So I went and finished up my cooking.  I am back at 23k now, since losing it all with Legion.  I still have a long way to go to get Lilly’s personal points up that high, but at least my account is making progress.