Shadow of the Forest



On our way to 110, while questing in Val’sharah, I felt compelled to have a more suitable mog for the environment and quest lines.  So Naz and I both made matching druid mogs. This mog has a very earthy, druid feel with an added pirate touch to stay true to Lilly’s roots.  It’s a great example of why Blizzard should let me have a Panda druid.  It would be adorable.

Helm: Rifle Commander’s Eyepatch (Alliance Stockade’s Quest)
 Wild Gladiator’s Pauldrons (Horde Only)
Chest: Overgrowth Cutter Vest
Bracers: Spattered Zombie Wristguards
Gloves: Rutsak Carriers
Belt: Overgrowth Cutter Belt
Pants: Thunderlord Leggings
Boots: Treads of the Den Mother

Weapons: Rockshard Club

Required level for transmog: 100

Mount(s): Swift Breezestrider, Smoky Direwolf, Argent Hippogryph, Grove Warden
Pet(s): Rescued Fawn, Baby Elderhorn, Fox Kit, Moonkin Hatchling, Long Eared-Owl


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