New Year Means New Alts

A few weeks ago we decided that since the holidays were over and we would finally have some time to play that we would start up another RaF.  We have been waiting until we had time so that Naz could get another mount and I could start up my official second account, since the kids are using my other account now, and it was never linked to my main account in the first place.  We made our list of class/race combos we wanted to get done before the 90 day xp bonus is up, most of which ended up being Alliance.  We are only going to 100 for now since we aren’t going to buy Legion for either of our second accounts until it goes on sale.  Our first set were druids.  I made a male Worgen guardian druid, and Naz made a female Night Elf to be my healer.  We hit 100 after playing for 3.5 days.  Next on our list were male Dwarf hunters.  We both always wanted to make Dwarves, because they are oddly cute.  Well that’s my reason, not Naz’s.  We had a bit of a break while leveling them though because I was sick for about 2 weeks and we spent a lot of time offline and sleeping.  Tonight we finally hit 100 on them though.  Next up is a Night Elf guardian druid for Naz and a Draenei priest for me.  We do have about a million things to do on Lilly and Lauria but let’s be honest, we would both rather be leveling.  Being an altaholic is much more important than my ilvl.  All the toons!




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