The More Mog and Mounts the Merrier

After getting our third set of RaF toons leveled, a druid tank and a holy priest, we started another set of undead priests.  Once we hit 50 though our leveling came to a halt.  We stepped away from our alts to try to work on leveling up our prestige rank doing wq.  Honestly, what made me want to start doing them were the ones that offered mark of honor because mog.  The only hard part now is having to decide which sets I’m going to buy.  You also get a pet once you reach prestige level 1, though it’s not amazing, still need to collect all the things.  We worked on that for several weeks along with other wq, but checking the map constantly got tiring.  So we have taken a slight break from that, only doing them for the mog tokens.


While watching a video about WoW updates, Naz came across the best addon ever put in game, monars wardrobe helper.  If you are like me and run all the raids/dungeons you can every week to try and get mog, well this will make you never do anything again.  If you are more casual and just want to see what you are missing, this is an extremely helpful tool.  It shows you every piece that you can equip from each boss in all raids and dungeons.  You can even have a mini list to keep out while you are running.  It lists all the raids, dungeons, vendors, etc with a percentage of what that toon has from each.  Needless to say, this was depressing.  Especially with how much work I put into trying to farm mog, and that amount of gold.   So for now, Naz is going to share in my obsession to get all the mog.  Good day it was finding that addon.


Along with a decent amount of new mog, we have ended up with several new mounts.  We are finally (yes, we were really behind) finishing up the falcosaur pet quest chain.  It took us awhile to get them and we still have another 2 weeks until the next LFR wing comes out and we can finish.  But it’s worth it.  They are pretty adorable, especially the snowfeather and bloodgazer, which happens to match my mog wonderfully.  Whenever a mount and pet of the same species are close (they don’t have to be the same persons) they make cute little hearts.  In addition to those 3, I finally finished up my leatherworking and was able to make the Great Northern Elderhorn.  Naz had his for a few weeks, while I sat and waited for DMF to come around for my last 3 points.  Hey I need to save gold to buy all that mog I’m missing.  With the release of Nighthold also came the drop of the Steelbound Devourer pattern.  This wing has yet to be released in LFR so unfortunately Lilly still has yet to get it.  Luckily for us though, one of our wonderful friends and officers got the pattern in normal and was able to make it for us.  Naz really likes it.  But I don’t think I will ever use it again, after taking the screenshot.  And now this week with Love is in the Air beginning and blizz allowing anyone high enough to go into the original dungeon to queue (16+) we will be super busy.  Because clearly what I want to do with my time is run that dungeon on all 3 of my accounts for an unlikely chance at getting the mount.


As far as the guild is going we are doing pretty well.  EN and ToV were both cleared on heroic, and NH has been cleared on normal.  We are currently 4 into heroic for NH.  Aside from the raid team, we are still lacking a bit on our casual members, but we’ve stayed fairly active.  We just don’t have the people for all the random events like we used it.  But overall I think it’s going okay.  Minimal drama this expansion and we’ve found some new people who have meshed in pretty well.  Hard to believe we are pushing towards 6 years.



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