Mounts Are In The Air

I’ve been slacking on all things WoW related lately, with the kids sports and all other real life events taking up so much of our time our WoW time has taken a bit of a hit.  We still try to get those mog runs in every week, because someone has an “obsession”.  I do not know who that could possibly refer to.  But it did work out for the other one because his birthday is right around the corner.  After talking about an out of game staff he wanted, this mog obsessed lady went and bought it for him for almost 200k.  There was some serious discussion to get him to learn it though because he thought we should just sell it for higher.  He finally gave in and learned it because even though he doesn’t need all the spots filled, he does needs all the staves.  While on that note, I wish my love the happiest birthday.  Neither WoW or life would be as wonderful without you.  I would also probably be 100% broke in game with nobody to hold me back at all from buying all the mog.


Last Tuesday the third wing of LFR was finally released, which allowed for all the non raiders like us to complete our last Falcosaur pet/mount quest chain.  I am happy to have it done and even happier to have the extra easy mounts added to our books.  The week before that after a very long wait, the archaeology quest for the Spirit of Eche’ro was finally available.  This was the first time since Legion dropped that it has came up.  After 2-3 hours of digging, you got your own beautiful spectral moose mount. He was well worth the wait.  It’s good that they are adding mounts that are a sure thing because with our luck our book numbers would never grow.  We are both still trying to get the fox mount from Nightfallen.  Coming in 7.2 they are adding more mount drops from the emissary boxes for exalted plus rep.  I’m sure that we will be trying to get those forever also.  Along with the fox we will go yet another year without having the Love Rocket.  Love might have been in the air, but luck was not.  To be honest, we didn’t try as hard as we could have.  We got tired of getting nothing and got burnt out on our 30+ runs every day quickly.  We did end up with over 150 runs each for the 2 week period.  No mount, but I did get my missing toy to drop after over 100 runs this year and who knows how many last.  We also ended up with 500 pets (not really but it seems like it) and were able to add 2 more toys to our book.  There’s always next year…


Unsure if the release date of some of these mounts was a coincidence or Blizzard thinks nobody that plays WoW has plans for Valentine’s Day but along with the moose quest chain, they also released the Primal Flamesaber.  The “For Azeroth” event lasts 1 month and requires you to play 15 HotS games as a Warcraft hero.  Along with a mount and achievement for WoW, you are also awarded a new mount for HotS.  We got our mount done after a few days of playing with guildies.  The game itself isn’t as bad as I previously thought it was.  I wouldn’t play it full time but it’s fine for doing a few games before logging.  I did buy the Unicorn mount to run around on because even if I don’t really play, it’s still glorious.


With the last patch Blizzard added micro-holidays.  This past event was the Hatching of the Hippogryphs.  To get a cute little baby all you had to do was fly out to Feralas, sit on an egg, and wait.  After a short time you would have a baby hippogryph of your own.  The hatchling sits on your shoulder (which does remove your helm and shoulder mog) and does emotes periodically.  The pet last for 24 hours until killing a rare which increases your buff to 5 days.  The hatchling stays with you through death, shapeshifting, etc.  It is even visible in all druid forms, like sitting on your back when you are a cat.  It’s incredibly adorable.  While other people might think micro-holidays are pointless, even a temporary baby makes it worth it.



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