And My To Do List Continues To Grow…

7.2 has been out for a week now and I have barely scratched the surface of what I need to be doing.  With the new Broken Shores quest chain, achievements, and wq, the ever needed appearance sets tab with new mog achievements, paragon rep with new mounts, along with all the other things we are supposed to be doing, it is safe to say we are both extremely overwhelmed in the game.  Real life certainly isn’t helping out much as we are staying busy as always and rarely have time to play uninterrupted or together.  Hence the serious lack of writing in the past month and a half.  Every time I have sat down to write about our WoW happenings I have been either distracted by a tiny person or so tired that I completely forgot what I sat down to do.  We have also been spending some of our game time play HotS for the pet, Diablo 3 with Naz’s friend, or getting new horses in LotRO for the Spring Festival.  There doesn’t seem to be enough time for all the real life things I need to get done, let alone everything in WoW.  We have mostly given up on a lot of things lately because it’s just too much.  No matter what we do, we are insanely behind.  Blizzard is really trying to make sure that you can’t do everything unless you literally have no life at all.  No offense to those with no life, but I like watching TV and eating, not so much on the going outside thing though…

The week before the patch hit I decided that we should finally stop putting off the Suramar quest chain (yes seriously, we are that behind) thinking that it would be required for the new content.  Fast forward to now, still 7/9 through the achievement, and it wasn’t even needed to start the Broken Shore.  So now it’s still on our to do list, just not such a priority since we don’t really need it for anything we are doing right now.  Even though there is a mount at the end, I’m not in a huge rush to get it, since I will never use it.

With the patch comes the most destructive new content ever added, for me at least.  It comes as no surprise to anyone who knows me but I have a slight issue with mog.  Blizzard finally added an sets to the appearance tab with achievements for completing at least one of each of the PvE and PvP tier sets.  I have very little desire to do anything else in the game right now because I need all the things.  Now other people can know how much mog I have, and I really need to get all my achievements.  Though I did spend a decent amount of time farming mog before all of this, I make sure to get in all the raids that I’m missing gear from now.  So far Lilly personally is at 25/45 sets, though she has many more, since it doesn’t count multiple for each tier.  Account wide I have 3 more achievements that Lilly is still working on though.  One thing I am really disappointed about is that it doesn’t count to have ALL the sets, and that there are no other achievements for weapons, or for getting all of each tier, etc.  But this is a start.  I have also found that there are hidden sets, or at least one so far, that is not included in your tab until you complete it.  Working on finding out if there are more, but it seems unlikely considering how much mog I already own and how many complete sets I have that are not tier.

Pet collectors and battlers were also given new content with the patch.  A new pet battle dungeon was added in Wailing Caverns.  This is a 7 part dungeon consisting of 12 pet battles ranging in difficulty.  The first time through you can heal your pets, but once it becomes a weekly you are unable to heal while in the scenario.  Even with this, it was extremely easy.  A bit disappointed that they added something like this but it’s so easy that even people with very few pets can complete it.  I was hoping it would be more along the lines of the legendaries from Pandaria.  But I guess Blizz didn’t want anyone to have to work on pets before being able to do it.  Completing the scenario for the first time gives you the Son of Skum pet, a mini version of one of the WC bosses. The weekly quest also has a chance to drop multiple pets from the bag you receive as a reward.  I’m sure that will also take us forever to get.  Along with the dungeon they added a lot of class specific pets that I can’t get yet.  They did add a level 25 stone that you can purchase for pet charms and it’s cheaper than having to buy 25 individual level stones.  If only I didn’t have several hundred left to level…  I’m going to be collecting pet charms for awhile.


About a month ago I finally had good luck and got the Fox mount from the Nightfallen emissary.  The quest that goes with the mount is pretty adorable.  Naz is still trying to get his though.  We are both still missing toys though so we are forever doing that and Withered Training.  At least all that rep we get is finally going to go towards something now that they have added paragon rep.  It is a shame though that instead of getting a guaranteed mount for rep you have to (forever) try from the paragon boxes.  This will be an insanely long grind for people with our luck.  I will be doing wq for rep in the next expansion probably.  The Dreamweavers mount is amazing and I’m sure it will be the last one I get.  Speaking of unicorns we are still working on hitting prestige level 4 to get the PvP mount.  It is slow go when you only do the PvP wqs though.  We are only at level 2.  Long way to go still, but most definitely worth it.  We are also working on the PvP wq achievement that gives a mount, though it is a wolf for Horde, it becomes a Dreamrunner for Ally.  So we definitely need that also.

With everything else going on our alts have taken quite the back seat lately.  We did manage to get another set to 90 before our RaF ran out.  This time an Undead Priest couple.  We stopped this set and our Priest/Druid at 90 so we had more time to level other toons since RaF stops at 90.  My Priest and his Druid are going to need to be leveled up soon though.  Yesterday I finally got the mog staff from the Priest garrison.  I had been trying for that for an insanely long time.  Now that I have it, the Priest who needs it can’t use it.  So it’s off to 100, and with only 5 levels to go it shouldn’t be long before she looks beautiful.

Last but not least, a small shout out to Myth’s raid team.  We cleared Heroic NH on the 16th of last month.  We’re doing good and have finished all of Legion’s raid thus far on Heroic getting the AOTC achievements for the team for each.  Next up the Tomb of Sargeras in a couple months.


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