Lillybella, the Crazy Parrot Lady

The number 1 thing added with 7.2 is the Dreamweaver Unicorn mount, but I have yet to get that, so we are going to get super excited about the 2nd best thing… CRACKERS!  Lilly now has a constant parrot partner.  With just a /whistle he flies up and lands on her shoulder to head out and face the Legion together.  No matter what we do Crackers never leaves.  He’s adorable.  Not only can you have Crackers but you can bring Polly to follow you around too!  I may have went and changed my mog so I could be more of a pirate for my parrots.  I’m sure I am super embarrassing to be running around with now.  Pirate Panda with a parade of parrots… while on a zebra unicorn.  Don’t judge me.

pirate lilly

We also got probably the ugliest mount added in Legion, the Riddler’s Mind Worm.  If there had not been a guide to this thing, I most definitely would not have went out of my way to get it.  Oh well, it adds to the numbers.  The screenshots are the only time I will ever use this though.

Riddler's Mind-Worm