I Believe I Can Fly

After starting the 7.2 content a week late we finally hit revered with the Armies of Legionfall last night, finishing up our Broken Isle Pathfinder achievements and granting us the ability to fly in Legion content.  Hitting revered also opened up the Legion Pocket Portal toy.  Even though there is no achievement past collecting 300 toys, we still need all the things. We were a bit slow with our rep since I slacked off on the world quests some days to finish up the more important things on my to do list, mostly mog runs.  Though we obviously need to finish to hit exalted and unlock the tabard and next toy, it is no longer something I’m going to worry about if I have anything else to do.  Right now I’m just trying to focus on all the raids I need to finish up my mog sets and doing the other wq for some more chances at the new mounts added with paragon rep.  Speaking of mog, Lilly is currently at 31/45 for the appearance sets.  Though I have so many more to finish every one for every tier, for now I’m just trying for one per.  So much to do, so little time.