Making Progress With The Points

Today I have finally hit 24k achievement points for my account.  I’m a bit slow since I spend most of my time farming mog.  That obsession has got me up to 33/45 sets for Lilly though.  At least they added more mog achs so I can make some sort of progress.


I also hit 110 on my demon hunter, Aiden, on Saturday.  He is only my second toon to get to 110 since we haven’t spent much time leveling alts this expansion, except when we did RaF.  I don’t really plan on using him for much but he is my miner and skinner.  I maxed his skinning long ago, but my mining is still a work in progress, mostly because it’s painfully slow to get the last 30 or so points.  At some point we will start leveling up more toons, especially with all the achs associated with the class halls and finishing all professions.  But that, is for another day.


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