More Creatures For The Collection

After a rather long wait I have finally finished the Family Familiar pet achievement and got the Nightmare Treant.  The last ach I had was for magic and it took a long time just to get that one finished.  Over the last few weeks I think I only had one of the right pet battles available.  The fact that we both only had 1 110 to work on the achievements made them take much longer than they did  for a lot of other people.  But that is finally off my to do list.

graves and treant

Also, with the update to HotS today I got Graves, after what has been basically forever.  I did only have a little over a level until I was going to hit 20 before the update.  Speaking of which, I am a little more excited about the new HotS mounts than I should be.  I going to have to deal with the voice in my head telling me I need all the things.

Less awesome but I also got another pet from the pet supply bag from the weekly pet battle dungeon.  Only one more pet to go, then I’m done with that weekly until they add the Deadmines dungeon in 7.2.5.

Last but not least, we finished up the Insurrection quest chain in Suramar tonight and finally have the Manasaber mount.  We are only a little behind on that one..  Another thing crossed off our list though.