Motivated By Mog

Yesterday instead of being productive and working on the countless wq on my list I decided to work on leveling up a set of our alliance alts.  I had created a mog for one of my priests that we had leveled with RaF but was unable to use it until hitting 100.  After finally getting the staff a while back I decided it was time to level so I could use it.  While I didn’t get us to 110, we did hit 100 and I am now pretty and happy.

Priest Druid

I’m still working on my list of mog.  It definitely seems never ending at this point.  I have got Lilly up to 35/45 and the only PvP set I’m missing is the current season.  I’ve been having pretty awful luck the last 2 weeks and getting hardly anything I need to drop.  Once you are down to 1-2 pieces for the set it goes slowly, even running multiple toons when it’s not a tier piece.  I can’t have bad luck forever though right?

With ToS coming out next month and the raid team taking a break after next week I figured it was time to get my AotC achievement before it was gone.  Super big thanks to our wonderful Myth raid team for carrying my panda butt so I could get the ach on Wed.


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