Female Human: Master Race

Last night we finished up our 4th set to 110 and our first Alliance set.  My warrior, Blackout, and Naz’s rogue, Layla.  Now on to the next horde set.

Blackout and Layla

Unrelated to leveling, but I had not been to this part of SW since the King’s funeral.  They really have made that area quite lovely with his tomb and the Broken Shore memorial.  Someone may still cry every time they see the cinematic for Broken Shore.  While I may main Horde, Varian will forever be the King of Stormwind and his death will always make Lilly sad (and maybe Em as well).


Weather Gets Hotter, List Gets Longer

While I got my fox awhile ago, Naz was still going back every time withered training was up to try to get his.  Last week he finally got it.  He was probably close to the last person in all of WoW who did the wq to get it.  But now we both have it.  It would be nice to say that we are done with withered training, but sadly we are both still missing one of the toys.  It’s looking like we will probably be there forever at this rate.

Fox mounts

With 7.2.5 came lots of new content, new raid, new scenario, new pet battle dungeons, and more.  With 7.2.5 also came heirlooms to 110.  This means that not only did we have to spend around 300k to upgrade all our looms, but it also means that the time has arrived.  It’s time to level.  We have picked one of each class to start off with and work on their class mounts and any toys or pets they have.  So far we only have 3 sets to 110, Lilly and Lauria, our demon hunters, and Duritz and Clover who we just finished a few days ago.  We are currently in the process of leveling our first Alliance set, Blackout and Layla.   We were going to make them over again on ZJ but decided to hold off on that since we had the classes at a decent level already.  Naz did have to level from 90 and I was only 78, but faster than level 1.  Since Naz doesn’t like rogues, so 90 was far enough for him. For right now we are only going to start one of our classes over.  I’m going to make a female night elf to be my first druid to 110.  Since night elves are the true druids I can see the quests from the best druid perspective.  Naz is going to start over a warrior, since his highest is still on KJ and we have zero desire to level anything on that horrid server.  Leveling everything is going to be the easy part.  The challenge will be getting every class done with their weapon and quest chain.  Not so much challenging, as just incredibly annoying and time consuming.

I have continued to try to get my mog runs in every week.  Though with all the RL stuff going on with the end of school, and the never ending amount of other things to do in WoW, I have been getting less of them done.  My list never gets shorter.  Finish one difficulty in a raid, don’t worry, you never get to leave, there’s always another.  Slowly though I am making progress with most of them.  For some though, I’m convinced the mobs just like seeing me every week and I’ll never get my loot.  Two weeks ago the guild was wonderful enough to to a heroic ToV run so Naz and I could get the AotC achievement and the mog.  That week I finally got around to finishing the LFR version of the mog as well.  At least that is actually crossed off my list.  Not going in to do normal until next expansion probably.  Then I’ll add it back on.

One thing is for sure, my to do list will never get smaller.  There is just way too much to do this expansion.  People can stay busy without Blizzard cramming non-stop content down our throats.  Appeal to all the people who don’t really love WoW.  I’m glad that’s the direction they decided to go…