And July Flew By

July was a crazy month for us with summer vacation, family being in town, trying to get some school stuff out of the way and normal  rl things.  We weren’t able to log on much due to our hectic schedule but we did manage to get some things accomplished.  With WoW currently, you could probably play 24 hours a day and still manage to be behind in something.  They certainly are making sure you don’t run out this expansion.  Which is why it’s so awful, but that’s a rant for another day.  We have realized we won’t finish this expansion and that it’s okay because logging is more important.  So we are just doing what we can and making progress with the things that are most important to us.

Over a two week period Naz and I both ran with the guild to do normal Kil’jaeden so that we could see Argus in the sky.  Now its been patched in for everyone to see…  So that was pointless.  Unless you count the ach that you get when you do AotC.

Earlier in the month we got our priests, Lullaby and Incubus to 110.  To be honest we haven’t done much in the way of questing to level these and the other sets we have been working on.  We have mostly just done invasions for the quick level every time they are up.  Helps to not get burnt out on questing but leaves you at 110 with horrible gear and no relics.

Lullaby and Incubus

Then last week we got our 5th set to 110, Vankora and Dig.  Initially Vankora was being leveled with Naz like always but someone might have done too many xp missions from their phone and got ahead.  So since Dig was the highest he got swapped out.  Naz and Fern are in the process of leveling though and at 106.  With Vankora hitting 110 I did decide that I should change her mog, since it has been a few years.  I had built this mog years ago but that was when doing HoF alone was impossible.  So I was still missing about half the pieces.  For once though I actually had good luck and ended up running all the raids and getting all but my belt.  Now to get used to tanking in a dress…

Vankora and Dig

Last week Blizzard released a new mount and pet to the store, the Luminous Starseeker and Twilight the colorful kitty.  I got it first day so I could fly around and be glorious.  It is well worth the money and oh so pretty!

Though I haven’t been quite as diligent with my mog runs due to overwhelming rl I try to get a few done every week at least so I can knock some things out.  I’ve got Lilly’s mog count up to 41/47 currently.  With all but 5 of my sets being completed on every difficulty possible.  It is still never ending.  I’ve also been putting off a lot of the more annoying LFR runs because getting loot in there is awful.  I’ll probably never finish with those.  But progress is progress, so I’ll take what I have.  On the bright side, most mog in the guild.  So that makes me happy.