Hunting Horridon

I have been trying to cross off some of my mog runs for the week when I have time (which lately is sparingly).  This afternoon I went and ran ToT for the random mog I’m missing, since I’m done with the rogue set, and for a chance at the mounts.  Unexpectedly, Horridon gave it up.  Naz was offline and I was alone, so he missed his chance.  I would have given it to him.  I do like the bird better, but Naz really loves it, so that would have been depressing if it had dropped instead.

Spawn of Horridon

On another note, I finally finished up another mog set.  Lilly is up to 45/49 with the Nighthold LFR set complete.  I had all but one piece for soooo long.  I was missing the boots, which drop in EN off Xavius.  I ran that every week on Lilly and Aiden for a shot to get them, plus bonus rolls.  Took forever, but glad that’s out of the way.  Nothing like dps queue times for an old raid…  Working on getting some others knocked out, but getting loot from old LFRs is horrible.  I’m getting used to walking away with no gear and only like 80g from the whole endeavor.  To make myself feel better I did throw 10k at the AH for random greens I was missing the other day.  Collect all the things, even if nobody else knows about them.