About Us

We are World of Warcraft veterans who run a guild on Zul’Jin – Horde. This blog is a place to share our many screenshots, transmogs, rantings, and guides of our journey through Azeroth.

Meet Naz

I started wow back in vanilla and it was my very first mmorpg. I remember staff slapping the harpies on my night elf druid in agility gear… balance specced. I joined a guild with a guild leader who wanted nothing more than to help everyone, and some of that stuck. Once I moved on and learned the basics and beyond I became a raider and then a raid leader. I was officer here and there, guild lead a few times and eventually my life became a little too hectic for a play style that wasn’t so brb friendly. You know what they say though, when life gives you lemons…

I add salt and eat those fuckers. So good.

Since Cata dropped I have became more of a collector. Mounts, pets, achievement points, reputations, titles, toys, now followers – get all the things! I also have alts.. an ARMY of alts made for the shear purpose of leveling and giving them each their own “personality” and transmog. I never roll a new toons with the purpose to hitting the latest level cap. Some of my alts have been in the same level bracket for years.

I believe in enjoying the game without stress, in “finishing” my druid from vanilla, and that anything in Azeroth, as in life, can be more enjoyable when you have a great partner to do it with like I do.

Meet Em

I started playing WoW during the later part of WotLK. I had previously played another MMORPG, but I really never enjoyed the MM part, and always preferred solo play, even when it hindered my ability to continue with the game. When I first started WoW, I continued on my path of playing alone. I didn’t want to be in a guild, I didn’t want to group, I didn’t want to see and/or talk to anyone unless I absolutely had to. I finally joined a very, very small guild. The guild was pretty dead when I got there and slowly everyone else left or quit WoW, including the guild leader. Then I left, and co-guild lead a few very tiny guilds. I still preferred to be alone for the most part. I’ve never been one for talking or interacting with other people. So those small guilds, with a close little group of people was what I was comfortable with. One day I was recruiting for my tiny crappy guild, and I found a shaman. He just so happened to be in between guilds for that one minute, when I whispered him. Apparently he knew I was a girl because I was so bad at recruiting, so he felt bad for me, and joined my guild. He saw me fail horribly, and tried to give me advice for how to run a guild, since he had a lot of experience. Well, I’m horrible at listening, which I guess in the end worked out well. Because if I wasn’t going to listen to make my guild what I wanted it to be, he would just have to make one for me. And so he did. And I moved to Kil’Jaeden to help him run Myth. Honestly I was scared to death to be on a huge, pvp server, and give up Ally to become Horde. It’s been quite the experience, and I have become far less of a noob, and a bit less quiet. I’m still a work in progress for being a good guild leader, but maybe one day.
As for playing… I LOVE making alts. I love it. I have filled 3 accounts with Ally, and Horde, on many servers. Making a new toon is the most enjoyable thing in the game for me. I get to create their personality, their back story, build an awesome mog (or two.. or three). I have a personal connection to every toon I make. They are all very different. They are all unique individuals that come together to create the massive army I am building. Out of all of my toons though, Lilly is my love. I care about completing her more than any of my other toons. I want her to have all the rep, all the mog, mounts, pets, achievements, titles, and toys. It’s a constant work in progress. One day.. haha maybe.. I will get her finished.


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