Hunting Horridon

I have been trying to cross off some of my mog runs for the week when I have time (which lately is sparingly).  This afternoon I went and ran ToT for the random mog I’m missing, since I’m done with the rogue set, and for a chance at the mounts.  Unexpectedly, Horridon gave it up.  Naz was offline and I was alone, so he missed his chance.  I would have given it to him.  I do like the bird better, but Naz really loves it, so that would have been depressing if it had dropped instead.

Spawn of Horridon

On another note, I finally finished up another mog set.  Lilly is up to 45/49 with the Nighthold LFR set complete.  I had all but one piece for soooo long.  I was missing the boots, which drop in EN off Xavius.  I ran that every week on Lilly and Aiden for a shot to get them, plus bonus rolls.  Took forever, but glad that’s out of the way.  Nothing like dps queue times for an old raid…  Working on getting some others knocked out, but getting loot from old LFRs is horrible.  I’m getting used to walking away with no gear and only like 80g from the whole endeavor.  To make myself feel better I did throw 10k at the AH for random greens I was missing the other day.  Collect all the things, even if nobody else knows about them.


Done and On To the Next One

When they added the new rogue pick pocketing I was happy I would never have to go back to WoD to farm it.  I got Naz and I both of the new pets.  But then I stopped.  I worked on it off and on to get the mog.  Last week I went and farmed the large bulk of it to buy the toys.  I had forgotten one of the masks but I finally went back out today to finish it up.  I’m glad to have at least one thing crossed off my list.

This week we have both been trying to finish up our classes that we already have to 110.  This has involved a lot of Broken Shore.  Which I’m completely sure nobody enjoys doing, especially after multiple times.  We are trying to get the class mounts for the toons we have yet to finish.  Some are faster than others.  But others are requiring a bit more AP farming to get the mounts for each spec.  We are making progress though.  Yesterday Naz got his hunter mount for Duritz.  Though he still has to finish for the other colors.  Now we are trying to work on our priests.  Who doesn’t want a little owl lion.  Well Naz doesn’t really want it, but I do.  I’m also still trying to finish up my Paladin.  I’ve got two specs to 52 now but I haven’t finished up the quests yet.  So for now, no mounts.

duritz hunter mount

If slow and steady win the race, Naz and I are killing it this expansion.  That certainly doesn’t seem like the case though.

Farseer Clover

Since Naz has been productive in working on his alts, I figured that I should be doing something as well.  I had finished a lot of my class campaigns but I had yet to get anywhere on my Broken Shore achievements.  I finally decided to start working on that on Clover.  After having to wait for the mission and not playing yesterday, I finally logged back in to finish it up today.  I only had a couple more quests to go before finishing up Broken Shore and moving on to my class mount scenario.  A few minutes later and I am finally done with my shaman, and the (not so proud), owner of a poor elemental that is forever in my command.  I was however pleasantly surprised to know that this one changes color based on your spec and I wasn’t going to have to go grind AP to hit 52 on my other two specs.  I’ll have to do plenty of that for my next alt.  Pallies are lucky their mounts are so pretty and that I have a problem.  I am not looking forward to doing all that for each color, especially considering I have yet to hit 52 in my main spec…  So that will be a long journey for me.


shaman mounts

Campaigning for Collectibles

I had put off the long haul of work on my alts when I read that 7.3 would make the broken shore quest chain account wide. Sadly, that nerf did not happen. I am usually against nerfs but that quest is not very engaging the first time, so twelve times did not appeal to me. Yesterday I decided to grit my teeth and jump back into at least one alt that I thought was near the end of that line. I finished tonight after having to wait eight hours for a mission to complete.

dig monk mount and pet

I’m still behind on the class specific vanity items. So far I had finished the druid pets (easily because that is my main) and the demon hunter toy. Tonight I finally reached the end of my monk’s quest chain and am now the semi-proud owner of an ostentatious tiger and an endearing pet. I would adore the mount if I could toss out the helm but my main purpose was to obtain the pet. I am still lacking the mage toys, death knight pets, warrior toy and the other class mounts but to say the least, I am one step closer to the end of my list.

dylans pets

– Naz

Spending August in Argus and Staying for September

It seems that I keep finding less and less time to keep track of everything in WoW.  But to be fair, we have less time to play so I guess our list of things we have accomplished is lacking lately as well.  In the last 2 months we have had close to a million things to do both in game and off.  Real life certainly won’t let up, and Blizzard seems to think that people who play WoW never have to leave their computers.  Unfortunately for us and our in game to-do list, that’s far from the truth.

Last month patch 7.3 dropped and with that came Argus, new pets, mounts, toys, rep, dailies, invasions, and a bunch of things that I have yet to even get started on.  Patch day also brought a new pet raid achievement; this time it was Cata.  While everyone else was on Argus, we were back in old raids farming the pets.  After farming on every toon 90+ we had all the pets just one day after the patch and finished our ach and got our new pet, Amalgam of Destruction.  After a few more runs we had every pet twice and were back to being officially done with all of those raids.  Overall, not really impressed with the pets from the raids, but that seems to be the case more often than not.  It’s not that I want all bunnies or anything but Blizz could have given us something slightly less manly.  I would have been happy with a fire turtle from FL even.  To be fair, Firelands had the best pets out of all raids.  Love my twin fire puppies!  There were plenty of opportunities to put in a new dragon baby but I guess they figured we had enough.  Wrong imo, but oh well.

Amalgam of Destruction

After finishing up the raid pets, came the wild ones.  Once again, Blizzard failed horribly here.  I hear everyone who collects pets just loves having 45 maggots of different colors…  There were plenty of other mobs out on Argus that could have easily been turned into pets that would have been much more impressive.  I will say though, that I love the new porcupines.  They are insanely adorable.  I do wish they would have put in the light blue color for the wild ones, but beggars can’t be choosers right.  I’ll settle for the two other colors, plus the rep and achievement ones.  We finished getting all the wild pets pretty quickly and getting them all stoned.  We have yet to get to the leveling part, but I’m still missing hundreds of 25’s, so that’s not really high on my list at this point.  After the wild pets came the new family battle achievement.  We have slowly been working on it; doing a few all the way through whenever we have time.  We are still only a little over half done.  Some of them are incredibly frustrating with the RNG.  I think they really could have made the battles a bit more diverse and less RNG based.  But this expansion they have made it blatantly clear that they hate all of us and want us to spend our lives praying to the RNG gods for good loots, rolls, and ability hits.  We will finish, if only because the pet reward is adorable and I need it.


While the patch gave us plenty of new stuff, some of us are still way beyond on all the previous patch achievements.  Naz had finished farming his sewer eyes a long time ago.  I was really far behind and had bad luck whenever I would go down there to farm.  I seemed to always find the times where it was PvP forever, which I clearly wasn’t going to do.  Two weeks ago I finally finished and got my Ratstallion mount.  I’m glad that’s done and over with because fishing up eyes while I waited for the rares to spawn was far less than fun.


Along with all the new pets added in Argus came a long list of mounts and toys for us to collect.  Now the joys of farming rares that are only up sometimes so you can have a chance for an ugly as hell mount.  So much fun.  The fact that almost all the mounts are the same thing in different colors, well that makes it worth it.  Insert serious eye roll.  It’s not at all that I’m against farming mounts because clearly we don’t have over 300 from doing nothing.  I just hate that I’m farming mounts that are so ugly.  A little bit of variety is just too much to ask for isn’t it.  As far as the mounts are concerned we haven’t had the best of luck, but have had a few drop and got a few from the eggs.  We did get lucky and Naz got the pets from the eggs for both of us.  Yesterday we also got the Draenei baby pet.  Well Naz got that too, but he gave it to me since it’s adorable and I really wanted it.  I did give him the ugly mount I looted though.  So that seems fair.  We have also had a few of the toys drop pretty quickly.  Still a long way to go but we are making progress.  (Today, he did loot the pet again.  So now we both have it.)


We have also been working on the Deadmines and Wailing Caverns pet battles.  I have been less than diligent in my running of the dungeons, but like always, Naz has been doing them weekly.  He had finished up Wailing Caverns several weeks ago but I was still missing one pet.  He got it to drop today for me, so we are both done with that one.  Today he also got his last pet from Deadmines.  I’m still working on it though.  I just have a tendency to forget about it.  But I do have the cute little rat with his hat.  He’s the best one.

Last week Blizzard released a new pet for hurricane relief.  It is the cutest little fox with the biggest ears.  It’s adorable.  Naz got it for me first of course.  He now follows Lilly around changing colors.

Last Wednesday we finally got around to doing the Lucid Nightmare.  Pretty sure we were the last people in the guild to get it.  It’s probably the only way I will ever get to ride a unicorn, since the Dreamweaver seem to have deemed me unworthy.  The colors of this one are much better anyway.  I wasn’t really looking forward to having to mog Lilly in green to match.  I do wish that they had made it a flying mount as well though.  Because the only way to make a unicorn better, is to make it a pegasus as well.  But at least for now we can’t fly on Argus so I can ride around on my purple unicorn.

lucid nightmare

This year marked Myth’s 6th anniversary.   Last Saturday we celebrated with the guild.  We had a decent turn out considering how many people are currently on a break from the game.  We ended up giving away about 400k worth of pets and mounts this year, along with gold prizes for our games.  The guild certainty has changed over the years.  We started from nothing. Then we peaked at 1k in the roster.  We’ve had 3 raid teams and are now down to 1.  We have moved servers.  We’ve had real life take it’s toll on a lot of people. We have said goodbye to old friends and made new ones.  We have been through a lot in 6 years.  As time goes on we aren’t really sure where the path is going to lead Myth.  We know that one day we will say goodbye.  But until then we will enjoy the game we love with the random strangers we have come to call friends and continue on together.  One day all we will have are the memories of what Myth once was.  We are happy to know that we have so many good ones.  While many people still think that WoW is just a game, for us we have come to know that it is much more.  WoW is where we make friends.  Myth was where we made a family.


With that it brings us to today, Pirate’s Day.  This year a new toy was added, which required you to have done the Bloodsail achievement and rep.  We did that years ago for the Insane title, so we were able to just fly over and add one more to our 400+ toys.  Of course we also got to dress up in our pirate hats and be ridiculous for the day.

Pirates day

This week is also timewalking week; MoP timewalking to be specific.  We have been slacking a bit doing timewalking because it’s generally an awful thing to have to do.  But this week after doing our first run to get the quest item we finally had 5k tokens.  Which means, we got to buy the mount.  Yu’lei, Daughter of Jade is now ours.  It’s so pretty.  Finally we have the matching mount for our pet.  All the jade dragons!

Jade Dragon

Along with all the new stuff I’m still trying to find time for mog.  I’ve made some progress and knocked out a few more raids.  I’m up to 44/49, with 39 of them done of every difficulty.  It will be awhile until I get all the current tiers though and I’m not even concerning myself with anything more than LFR and the PvP sets right now.  I’ve been working on other toons sets slowly.  But until Lilly is completely done, I’m not going to spend much time on it.

For now we are just trying to finish up what we can, when we have time.  We might be behind on a lot of things at this point, but like a lot of people, we have too much going on in life for that to be our biggest worry.  Eventually we will get there.  Until then we will just try to knock them off one by one.

And July Flew By

July was a crazy month for us with summer vacation, family being in town, trying to get some school stuff out of the way and normal  rl things.  We weren’t able to log on much due to our hectic schedule but we did manage to get some things accomplished.  With WoW currently, you could probably play 24 hours a day and still manage to be behind in something.  They certainly are making sure you don’t run out this expansion.  Which is why it’s so awful, but that’s a rant for another day.  We have realized we won’t finish this expansion and that it’s okay because logging is more important.  So we are just doing what we can and making progress with the things that are most important to us.

Over a two week period Naz and I both ran with the guild to do normal Kil’jaeden so that we could see Argus in the sky.  Now its been patched in for everyone to see…  So that was pointless.  Unless you count the ach that you get when you do AotC.

Earlier in the month we got our priests, Lullaby and Incubus to 110.  To be honest we haven’t done much in the way of questing to level these and the other sets we have been working on.  We have mostly just done invasions for the quick level every time they are up.  Helps to not get burnt out on questing but leaves you at 110 with horrible gear and no relics.

Lullaby and Incubus

Then last week we got our 5th set to 110, Vankora and Dig.  Initially Vankora was being leveled with Naz like always but someone might have done too many xp missions from their phone and got ahead.  So since Dig was the highest he got swapped out.  Naz and Fern are in the process of leveling though and at 106.  With Vankora hitting 110 I did decide that I should change her mog, since it has been a few years.  I had built this mog years ago but that was when doing HoF alone was impossible.  So I was still missing about half the pieces.  For once though I actually had good luck and ended up running all the raids and getting all but my belt.  Now to get used to tanking in a dress…

Vankora and Dig

Last week Blizzard released a new mount and pet to the store, the Luminous Starseeker and Twilight the colorful kitty.  I got it first day so I could fly around and be glorious.  It is well worth the money and oh so pretty!

Though I haven’t been quite as diligent with my mog runs due to overwhelming rl I try to get a few done every week at least so I can knock some things out.  I’ve got Lilly’s mog count up to 41/47 currently.  With all but 5 of my sets being completed on every difficulty possible.  It is still never ending.  I’ve also been putting off a lot of the more annoying LFR runs because getting loot in there is awful.  I’ll probably never finish with those.  But progress is progress, so I’ll take what I have.  On the bright side, most mog in the guild.  So that makes me happy.

Female Human: Master Race

Last night we finished up our 4th set to 110 and our first Alliance set.  My warrior, Blackout, and Naz’s rogue, Layla.  Now on to the next horde set.

Blackout and Layla

Unrelated to leveling, but I had not been to this part of SW since the King’s funeral.  They really have made that area quite lovely with his tomb and the Broken Shore memorial.  Someone may still cry every time they see the cinematic for Broken Shore.  While I may main Horde, Varian will forever be the King of Stormwind and his death will always make Lilly sad (and maybe Em as well).