Our love of leveling may be slightly out of control… One server is never enough.

Zul’Jin – As of Feb 2016 this is our main Horde server.  We transferred from Kil’Jaeden where we originally founded Myth.  As a large PvE server we felt like this was a much better home for us.  So far it has yet to disappoint.

Kil’Jaeden – Our main server, after transferring from Undermine, for 4 years.  In Sep 2011 we created Myth.  We spent a lot of time, and put a lot of effort into creating a home for not only our beloved mains, but for many more people, making a community which we loved.  In 2016 we decided that Kil’Jaeden no longer fit the needs of us or the guild and we make the tough choice to move to Zul’jin.

Undermine – We started as Alliance on Undermine years ago.  For the most part we have moved all of our toons to Horde on Kil’Jaeden but we still have some of our old toons here.  When we moved from Undermine to Kil’Jaeden the server was pretty dead, since then it has become more and more quiet, and all the people we once knew have left as well.  But we will forever love that dead server, as it was our home for many years, the place where we learned how to play, and most importantly, the place where we met.

Lightbringer –  We created an Alliance alt guild for our Horde guildies to be able to play together here.  Currently, we don’t have many toons on the server, but we did move one of each of our higher level Alliance from other servers over.

Moon Guard – Oh the joys of playing on a Role Play server.  We have a (currently low level) set of Night Elves here that we are slowly leveling.  We try to make their journey as realistic as possible and blog about their lives together as we go.

Area 52 –  A few years ago we decided to try for the Hearld of the Titans achievement.  Full on our main server we rolled the toons here.  After what seemed like forever, with all the gearing, and loss of the majority of our Hearld raid team, we finally got our achievement in 2015.  Our Hearld toons will forever be in their 80 gear with their titles we worked so hard for.  Since then, we have also rolled some other toons to join our ever growing army.

Whisperwind/Dentarg –  While we still have much love for our old Alliance server Undermine, we were looking for something slightly less quiet.  With the two servers connected this also gave us 20 slots each to create toons to play together within the same guild.


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