Lillybella ~ Race: Human / Server: Dalaran / Class: Rogue / Spec: Outlaw / Level: 120


Lilly was the first toon I ever made back in May of 2010.  She is named after my beloved puppy Lilly Belle that passed away much too soon.  Back then she was human and on Undermine.  She was a shy, little rogue.  She stayed alone the majority of the time; never trusting anyone.  She spent her time becoming exalted with every faction she came across, searching the worlds for rare mounts and pets to call her own.  Since those days long ago on Undermine much has changed.  After moving to Horde to co-guild lead, I realized she wasn’t getting the attention she deserved and she finally came along with me.  For the first few years as Horde Lilly was a Blood Elf.  Then several years later she became an adorable Panda.  But as the War of Thorns neared, she made her way back home, to Stormwind. Because no matter where she traveled, she never forgot who she truly was.  While much has changed, she spends the majority of her time grinding rep and achievement points, farming every mog to stuff her already full bank, and looking for another mount or pet to add to her collection.  And that amazing druid she met years ago, and has followed to the ends of Azeroth, is still forever by her side.


Alakai ~ Race: Night Elf / Server: Dalaran / Class: Hunter / Spec: Beast Mastery / Level: 120


He was the second toon I ever made way back when on my original account.  He is an avid collector of pets, spending hours, sometimes even days, waiting patiently for the moment in which he can tame him or her and make them one of his herd.  The pride of his herd is his loyal feline Astraeus.  After days of waiting he appeared from out of the jungle and became Alakai’s most trusted companion.

Clover ~ Race: Pandaren / Server: Dalaran / Class: Shaman / Spec: Elemental & Restoration / Level: 110

Clover 2

Shaman are one of my favorite classes to play.  If I was to start WoW today, that’s probably what I would have rolled as my main (but don’t tell Lilly).  Since making my first Draenei Shaman, Emilia, way back on Undermine and having to switch specs because someone (ie Naz) needed a healer, I have been in love.  They are my favorite healers and the ranged class that I prefer over anything else.  And what could make a Shaman more fun to play?  Make it an adorable Panda bear.

Treka ~ Race: Night Elf / Server: Dalaran / Class: Death Knight / Spec: Frost / Level: 110


Too much time had past since stepping foot onto her homelands.  She hadn’t seen a battle in the years following Deathwing.  She had been in hiding.  When she heard the rumors of war with the Horde however, things changed.  She knew she must once again accept the call to arms.  First she had to visit Stormwind.  The King had been killed during her time away.  After being raised by the Lich King he had accepted her once again into the Alliance.  Her heart was saddened that she had been absent during the Legions invasion and the funeral for King Varian.  But that was soon rivaled by an unimaginable tragedy. Shortly after returning home, the world of the Night Elves changed forever.  In an instant she lost everything she ever loved.  Never again will she stray.  She will seek revenge for her people, for Teldrassil, for the Alliance.

Aymethyst ~ Race: Void Elf / Server: Dalaran / Class: Mage / Spec: Arcane / Level: 120

Wanderer ~ Race: Draenei / Server: Lightbringer / Class: Paladin / Spec: Protection / Level: 110


Oh I swear that I’d sleep forever if you never left my dreams.  So while the world passes by, I’ll live in the frames, in the picture stills of the memories.

Blackout ~ Race: Human / Server: Grizzly Hills / Class: Warrior / Spec: Protection / Level: 110

Dahlia ~ Race: Night Elf / Server: Dalaran / Class: Demon Hunter / Spec: Havoc / Level: 110

Eternally ~ Race: Lightforged Draenei / Server: Dalaran / Class: Paladin / Spec: Retribution / Level: 43

Layla ~ Race: Worgen / Server: Dentarg / Class: Mage / Spec: Frost / Level: 100


True love knows no boundaries.  Even if that means you turn into a furry little wolf lady.  But it’s okay because he’s a wolf man too.  Together they are free, and their love runs wild.

Tansy ~ Race: Gnome / Server: Lightbringer / Class: Monk / Spec: Windwalker / Level: 100

Why a gnome for my first monk?  Because they look like tiny adorable hamsters as they roll away.  Even if mine has an angry little face.

Sephtis ~ Race: Worgen / Server: Grizzly Hills / Class: Hunter / Spec: Beast Mastery / Level: 100


What can I say..  I’m a huge fan of male worgen.  I just love the way they look.  He’s out there killing everything he finds, looking like a badass.  His best friend Shyam has been by his side since Gilneas was destroyed.  They made it out alive, now nothing stands in their way.

Amaryllis ~ Race: Draenei / Server: Undermine / Class: Priest / Spec: Holy / Level: 100

Amaryllis and Yonv

Cinnamon ~ Race: Pandaren / Server: Undermine / Class: Shaman / Spec: Elemental / Level: 100

This panda bear was actually leveled for the panda nemesis quest.  I got her to 90 in 6 days, but then I couldn’t leave her and finished her off.

Dax ~ Race: Dwarf / Server: Lightbringer / Class: Hunter / Spec: Beast Mastery / Level: 100

Igohidvwaya ~ Race: Worgen / Server: Lightbringer / Class: Druid / Spec: Guardian / Level: 100

Elli ~ Race: Draenei / Server: Whisperwind / Class: Shaman / Spec: Elemental & Restoration / Level: 92

Tsutla ~ Race: Night Elf / Server: Whisperwind / Class: Hunter / Spec: Beast Mastery / Level: 86

Ahyoka ~ Race: Night Elf / Server: Whisperwind / Class: Priest / Spec: Holy / Level: 60

Vannaera ~ Race: Night Elf / Server: Moon Guard / Class: Druid / Spec: Restoration / Level: 24


My first and only Role Play toon.  She was born in the forests of Ashenvale over 7,000 years ago to her proud parents. At a young age she found the one she would share her life with, Lycael.  Together they have shared in many sorrows and joyous occasions.  Their love has been put to the test and never fades.  Their journey continues on as it has for centuries, hand in hand.


Lilac ~ Race: Troll / Server: Zul’Jin / Class: Druid / Spec: Restoration & Balance / Level: 120

Lilac 2

My first Troll was my Shaman Skylar that was lost with my old account.  Since then Lilac has been the only one.  She will now be a reminder of what Lauria was once.

Vankora ~ Race: Blood Elf / Server: Zul’jin / Class: Paladin / Spec: Protection / Level: 110


The original Vankora was a Draenei Paladin on Undermine.  She was lost with my old account but was resurrected as the current Blood Elf when I moved to Horde.  She is currently my only tank, though not being used much at the moment.  She is also the proud wielder of Val’anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings.

Parker ~ Race: Blood Elf / Server: Zul’Jin / Class: Paladin / Spec: Retribution & Holy / Level: 100


Named after the most adorable Old English Sheepdog and German Shepherd mix alive.  He’s sexy and he knows it.

Fern ~ Race: Goblin / Server: Zul’Jin / Class: Death Knight / Spec: Blood & Frost / Level: 110

Named after my Goblin Priest that I had on my first account.  She died and was reborn a DK.  Still one of the most adorable goblins ever.

Lullaby ~ Race: Pandaren / Server: Zul’Jin / Class: Priest / Spec: Holy & Shadow / Level: 110

While you were sleeping I figured out everything.  I was constructed for you, and you were molded for me.  Now I feel your name, coursing through my veins.  You shine so bright it’s insane, you put the sun to shame.

Ellia ~ Race: Blood Elf / Server: Zul’Jin / Class: Warlock / Spec: Destruction / Level: 103

Named after a Wraith in SGA… Yeah because I’m cool like that.

Aiden ~ Race: Blood Elf / Server: Zul’Jin / Class: Demon Hunter / Spec: Havoc / Level: 110

Galadriel ~ Race: Blood Elf / Server: Kil’Jaeden / Class: Warlock / Spec: Destruction / Level: 100

Galadriel 2

Since I already had a priest on my main account she got rolled as a Warlock.  If she had the ring that’s what she would have been anyway right…  Close enough for now.

Daisy ~ Race: Blood Elf / Server: Kil’Jaeden / Class: Hunter / Spec: Beast Mastery / Level: 100


For now she just sits back and relaxes with her courageous and cuddly companions, Delilah and her cub Daffodil, and waits until adventure calls their name once more.

Dylan ~ Race: Blood Elf / Server: Undermine / Class: Paladin / Spec: Retribution & Protection / Level: 100


I have to admit he is my one, and only… boosted toon.

Periwinkle ~ Race: Pandaren / Server: Kil’Jaeden / Class: Mage / Spec: Arcane / Level: 100

Periwinkle 2

Playful panda Periwinkle loves to parade on her pretty purple panther throughout Pandaria.  Peaceful and patient in nature, she always tries to potray a positive outlook on every adventure she participates in.  She is also positively the most adorable thing in the world with her perky pigtails.

Emilie ~ Race: Blood Elf / Server: Kil’Jaeden / Class: Death Knight / Spec: Frost & Blood / Level: 93

Emilie 2

When I first made a toon on Kil’Jaeden I created Emilie.  She was my main in Cata in Myth, which is why everyone calls me Em.  She was my first tank, and was the only toon I ever experienced any sort of current raiding on (though it wasn’t much). The first Emilie was on my original account.  When I lost it I remade her but it’s never quiet been the same.  I think she resents me for it.  Maybe one day we will have the relationship we did before.

Magnolia ~ Race: Pandaren / Server: Kil’Jaeden / Class: Hunter / Spec: Beast Mastery / Level: 94


Even before leaving her home on the Wandering Isle, Magnolia has always had Marigold.  What was once but a small cub, has grown into the majestic, yet menacing, tiger she is today.  Wherever they go, whatever they do, she will always be found by Magnolia’s side.

Norma ~ Race: Blood Elf / Server: Kil’Jaeden / Class: Paladin / Spec: Retribution / Level: 90


One of the many Paladins in my army.  Named after my beloved Grandmother.  She spends the majority of her time with her trusty steed.  Together they are always ready to take flight when the call of the Crusader comes.

Irisa ~ Race: Undead / Server: Kil’Jaeden / Class: Priest / Spec: Shadow & Holy / Level: 86


The first undead I ever made and my original Herald of the Titans toon.  After deciding with Naz that we both preferred the class eachother had rolled, we switched and I created Earth.  Since then she hasn’t been in much of a rush to level.

Earth ~ Race: Pandaren / Server: Area 52 / Class: Shaman / Spec: Restoration & Elemental / Level: 80


After the great decision of the Hearld of the Titans run, the stars of the Wandering Isle collided and gave us Heaven and Earth.  With Heaven’s guardian spirit watching over and Earth calling upon the elements, bringing bolts of thunder and healing rains, the adventurer’s of Ulduar found themselves successful.  From that moment on, she will forever be known, as a Hearld of the Titans.

Violet ~ Race: Pandaren / Server: Kil’Jaeden / Class: Warrior / Spec: Arms / Level: 72


Oh warriors…  I seem to have so much trouble getting into them.  The last (and previously highest) I had was a male Worgen, Ronon, that made it to level 40 something, and became a badass looking bank alt for the next few years.  Maybe all the motivation I needed was being adorable… and having someone so wonderful to level with.

Sunflower ~ Race: Pandaren / Server: Kil’Jaeden / Class: Shaman / Spec: Restoration & Elemental / Level: 62

Wisteria ~ Race: Tauren / Server: Area 52 / Class: Druid / Spec: Balance & Restoration / Level: 42


The only female moo cow I’ve ever leveled and the highest Tauren I’ve ever had.  If you ignore her manly laugh she’s rather adorable.


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