Race: Night Elf / Server: Dalaran / Class: Druid / Spec: Restoration & Balance / Level: 120

Lauria was my very first toon, I had never played a mmorpg before and modeled her off of the picture on the box. I even used the randomize button to name her. I can’t seem to change it after so many years though. From 2004-2012 she was a female night elf and since has been a female troll except for a very brief run as a female tauren. I couldn’t handle the horky laugh and mog limitations though. I complete all of my reputations on this toon. I always level her first in new content and even if I “main” another class that expansion I keep her decently geared and up to date. If someone asked me what my favorite class is I think I would answer “priest” quickly but I don’t know, you never forget your first love.


Race: Blood Elf / Server: Zul’Jin / Class: Hunter / Spec: Beast Mastery / Level: 120


Race: Undead / Server: Zul’Jin / Class: Priest / Spec: Holy & Shadow / Level: 110

Incubus was rolled in Cata and for all playing purposes my main for that expansion. He out geared my druid by miles. I love priest healing, mainly holy. He is my second priest, Uphoria was first back in BC. I love undead casters and the creep factor of him being holy.


Race: Undead / Server: Zul’Jin / Class: Warlock / Spec: Destruction & Affliction / Level: 110

Okay so I am a slight Lord of the Rings fan. Naz was somewhere around my 4th or 5th toon to reach the cap of 85. I started him out as a female human and after many name changes he ended up being transferred to horde. I wanted to move my “crappiest” toon to test out a new realm. Now he’s normally my second or third leveled, my namesake, and I have to say… my best mogger.


Race: Troll / Server: Zul’Jin / Class: Shaman / Spec: Elemental & Restoration / Level: 100

He’s so pretty and blue, right? Clapton was my first reroll instead of transfer on KJ realm, also my first shaman & named after Eric Clapton. I have come to love shaman even though before him I couldn’t get past level 20 or so. His mog is a simple set from BT but I love with with his skin and hair. He’s also my only male troll, with Lauria being my only female troll.

Race: Blood Elf / Server: Zul’Jin / Class: Monk / Spec: Windwalker & Brewmaster / Level: 110

Race: Blood Elf / Server: Zul’Jin / Class: Demon Hunter / Spec: Havoc / Level: 110


Race: Blood Elf / Server: Kil’Jaeden / Class: Hunter / Spec: Beast Mastery / Level: 100

Well, this is another Lord of the Rings inspired alt. I know Celeborn shouldn’t be a hunter but by the time we rolled him and Galadriel I was out of spaces for repeat classes. He has a nice mog waiting for him at 80 but for now this one will have to do, it seems to be my go to lowbie hunter mog for some reason.

Race: Blood Elf / Server: Undermine / Class: Priest / Spec: Holy & Shadow / Level: 100


Race: Blood Elf / Server: Kil’Jaeden / Class: Warrior / Spec: Protection / Level: 100

I can’t get into warriors. I have made and deleted maybe 10 of them. I named this toon after a Zeppelin song. Kashmir lasted even though she doesn’t get much playtime. I think that is because shes just so damn pretty. Now that shes reached the level to complete her mog, leveling her is very far down on my list. The DMF wings and my Fireland’s mogs add a nice touch though.

Race: Tauren / Server: Kil’Jaeden / Class: Paladin / Spec: Protection & Retribution / Level: 100

Race: Undead / Server: Kil’Jaeden / Class: Mage / Spec: Arcane & Frost / Level: 91

Race: Blood Elf / Server: Kil’Jaeden / Class: Deathknight / Spec: Frost & Blood / Level: 83


Race: Pandaren / Server: Area 52 / Class: Priest / Spec: Discipline & Holy / Level: 80

Heaven is my Herald of the Titans toon, rolled for the single purpose of getting the title. She was my second toon actually. I had started with my shaman, Emily. I ended up swapping because Em was more comfortable with shaman and I with priests… so we swapped and left my 80 shaman and her 80 priest. I’ll never level Heaven, I plan on leaving her in her Ulduar gear running around in that crazy teletubbie helm Em hates. Hey, someone might need a healer to get their own title right?

Race: Blood Elf / Server: Area 52 / Class: Hunter / Spec: Beast Mastery / Level: 42



Race: Night Elf / Server: Dalaran / Class: Priest / Spec: Holy & Shadow / Level: 120

Uphoria was my first priest, first healer and first level capped alt. I haven’t used her actively since WotLK ended. She started on Undermine like most of my toons and recently moved to Lightbringer once we started up our ally Myth guild. Maybe one day I’ll use her as my main priest again, I think I might… I MIGHT… have too many.


Race: Draenei / Server: Undermine / Class: Mage / Spec: Arcane & Frost / Level: 110

Oxi was my first real alt after Lauria. She stayed 27 for a year, then 40 for a few years. In the last few months of WotLK I finally leveled her to cap. Shes one of my only original ally left and the only one still on my original server Undermine. I’ll leave her there even though its dead, I guess she will just mog and take nice screenshots.

Yonv and Amaryllis

Race: Nightelf / Server: Undermine / Class: Druid / Spec: Guardian / Level: 100

Race: Night Elf / Server: Zul’Jin / Class: Druid / Spec: Balance / Level: 100

Race: Dwarf / Server: Lightbringer / Class: Huter / Spec: Beast Mastery / Level: 100

Race: Night Elf / Server: Lightbringer / Class: Druid / Spec: Restoration & Balance / Level: 100


Race: Human / Server: Whisperwind / Class: Priest / Spec: Holy & Shadow / Level: 86

I tend to name many toons Ema, Emily, Emalee etc. I have no idea why, hmm. I made this toon because I love female human casting animations. I wanted her mog to be simple and make her look like a vanilla NPC. I think it turned out great. The worgen horse is awesome too. I might have too many priests but they are all different personalities and mogs.

Race: Human / Server: Kil’Jaeden / Class: Paladin / Spec: Protection / Level: 86


Race: Worgen / Server: Dentarg / Class: Warlock / Spec: Destruction / Level: 100

This is my only worgen that is over level 25 or so. Em loves them and convinced me to finally make it out of the starter zone. She even made a mage to go with him. I love the simple mogs and staves. He is pretty creepy, but Naz will always be my main lock.


Race: Pandaren / Server: Undermine / Class: Shaman / Spec: Elemental & Restoration / Level: 80

Okay actually this was my FIRST shaman but she never made it past 50 until years later when Em got her to 80 for me to use in our Herald run. She isn’t geared for it though, I swapped to Heaven and now Emily just sits in Stormwind. I did however “give her to Em” to race change, rename and mog. Of course… she picked panda lol.


Race: Night Elf / Server: Moonguard / Class: Hunter / Spec: Beast Mastery / Level: 25


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