As anyone that knows us is already aware, we make a decent amount of gold.  In 2015 alone we made enough to buy almost all the TCG mounts (twice), any pets we couldn’t get to drop, mogs, and a number of things off BMAH, including the 954k Sha mount.  Our total was well over 7 million for KJ alone.  Since moving to Zul’Jin we now focus on both servers for making gold.

We get asked constantly how we make so much.  Well for starters you have to be willing to put time into it.  The more time, the more gold.  You can make gold being relatively lazy, but if you won’t put any effort into it you should just give up hope of ever seeing 1 million.

The #1 rule for making gold is to never tell people how you make gold.  While there are some tips that you can readily share, ways that won’t effect your personal ability to make gold by telling others, there are a lot more (at least for us) that by sharing would kill your income.

The first thing I tell anyone trying to make gold is to run Cata raids on anyone 90+.  Try to do 25 heroic if possible on as many as you can.  By Cata raids I mean BH, BoT, BWD, FL, DS, and ToFW.  Not only will you make about 8k per toon if you run 25 heroic, but you will have a shot at 6 mounts.

I think it’s very important to find your “thing” to make gold.  Find something you can do that nobody else (or a small amount of people) are doing so you can own that part of the market.

Diversify!  If you are looking to really rake in the gold, you cannot just stick to one thing alone.  If all your efforts are in one tiny part of the market and nothing else, if someone comes along and ruins it you will struggle to make any income and be frantically looking for another way.  Don’t let that happen.  Make sure you have enough different sources that if one is no longer viable, you will be okay.

If you really want to make gold, you can make it happen.  But it’s not just going to fall out of the sky into your toons pocket.  You have to try.  Some days it’s going to feel like work.  Some days it won’t be quite as rewarding.  Some days you will barely break even.  Don’t let those bad days discourage you.  It is extremely important that you keep going.  Keep running those raids, keep doing your thing.  You WILL bring in the gold.  It will add up.  Soon you too will be able to buy anything you want without having to worry about having the gold.  You can make that happen, we did.


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