I Believe I Can Fly

After starting the 7.2 content a week late we finally hit revered with the Armies of Legionfall last night, finishing up our Broken Isle Pathfinder achievements and granting us the ability to fly in Legion content.  Hitting revered also opened up the Legion Pocket Portal toy.  Even though there is no achievement past collecting 300 toys, we still need all the things. We were a bit slow with our rep since I slacked off on the world quests some days to finish up the more important things on my to do list, mostly mog runs.  Though we obviously need to finish to hit exalted and unlock the tabard and next toy, it is no longer something I’m going to worry about if I have anything else to do.  Right now I’m just trying to focus on all the raids I need to finish up my mog sets and doing the other wq for some more chances at the new mounts added with paragon rep.  Speaking of mog, Lilly is currently at 31/45 for the appearance sets.  Though I have so many more to finish every one for every tier, for now I’m just trying for one per.  So much to do, so little time.

Lillybella, the Crazy Parrot Lady

The number 1 thing added with 7.2 is the Dreamweaver Unicorn mount, but I have yet to get that, so we are going to get super excited about the 2nd best thing… CRACKERS!  Lilly now has a constant parrot partner.  With just a /whistle he flies up and lands on her shoulder to head out and face the Legion together.  No matter what we do Crackers never leaves.  He’s adorable.  Not only can you have Crackers but you can bring Polly to follow you around too!  I may have went and changed my mog so I could be more of a pirate for my parrots.  I’m sure I am super embarrassing to be running around with now.  Pirate Panda with a parade of parrots… while on a zebra unicorn.  Don’t judge me.

pirate lilly

We also got probably the ugliest mount added in Legion, the Riddler’s Mind Worm.  If there had not been a guide to this thing, I most definitely would not have went out of my way to get it.  Oh well, it adds to the numbers.  The screenshots are the only time I will ever use this though.

Riddler's Mind-Worm

And My To Do List Continues To Grow…

7.2 has been out for a week now and I have barely scratched the surface of what I need to be doing.  With the new Broken Shores quest chain, achievements, and wq, the ever needed appearance sets tab with new mog achievements, paragon rep with new mounts, along with all the other things we are supposed to be doing, it is safe to say we are both extremely overwhelmed in the game.  Real life certainly isn’t helping out much as we are staying busy as always and rarely have time to play uninterrupted or together.  Hence the serious lack of writing in the past month and a half.  Every time I have sat down to write about our WoW happenings I have been either distracted by a tiny person or so tired that I completely forgot what I sat down to do.  We have also been spending some of our game time play HotS for the pet, Diablo 3 with Naz’s friend, or getting new horses in LotRO for the Spring Festival.  There doesn’t seem to be enough time for all the real life things I need to get done, let alone everything in WoW.  We have mostly given up on a lot of things lately because it’s just too much.  No matter what we do, we are insanely behind.  Blizzard is really trying to make sure that you can’t do everything unless you literally have no life at all.  No offense to those with no life, but I like watching TV and eating, not so much on the going outside thing though…

The week before the patch hit I decided that we should finally stop putting off the Suramar quest chain (yes seriously, we are that behind) thinking that it would be required for the new content.  Fast forward to now, still 7/9 through the achievement, and it wasn’t even needed to start the Broken Shore.  So now it’s still on our to do list, just not such a priority since we don’t really need it for anything we are doing right now.  Even though there is a mount at the end, I’m not in a huge rush to get it, since I will never use it.

With the patch comes the most destructive new content ever added, for me at least.  It comes as no surprise to anyone who knows me but I have a slight issue with mog.  Blizzard finally added an sets to the appearance tab with achievements for completing at least one of each of the PvE and PvP tier sets.  I have very little desire to do anything else in the game right now because I need all the things.  Now other people can know how much mog I have, and I really need to get all my achievements.  Though I did spend a decent amount of time farming mog before all of this, I make sure to get in all the raids that I’m missing gear from now.  So far Lilly personally is at 25/45 sets, though she has many more, since it doesn’t count multiple for each tier.  Account wide I have 3 more achievements that Lilly is still working on though.  One thing I am really disappointed about is that it doesn’t count to have ALL the sets, and that there are no other achievements for weapons, or for getting all of each tier, etc.  But this is a start.  I have also found that there are hidden sets, or at least one so far, that is not included in your tab until you complete it.  Working on finding out if there are more, but it seems unlikely considering how much mog I already own and how many complete sets I have that are not tier.

Pet collectors and battlers were also given new content with the patch.  A new pet battle dungeon was added in Wailing Caverns.  This is a 7 part dungeon consisting of 12 pet battles ranging in difficulty.  The first time through you can heal your pets, but once it becomes a weekly you are unable to heal while in the scenario.  Even with this, it was extremely easy.  A bit disappointed that they added something like this but it’s so easy that even people with very few pets can complete it.  I was hoping it would be more along the lines of the legendaries from Pandaria.  But I guess Blizz didn’t want anyone to have to work on pets before being able to do it.  Completing the scenario for the first time gives you the Son of Skum pet, a mini version of one of the WC bosses. The weekly quest also has a chance to drop multiple pets from the bag you receive as a reward.  I’m sure that will also take us forever to get.  Along with the dungeon they added a lot of class specific pets that I can’t get yet.  They did add a level 25 stone that you can purchase for pet charms and it’s cheaper than having to buy 25 individual level stones.  If only I didn’t have several hundred left to level…  I’m going to be collecting pet charms for awhile.


About a month ago I finally had good luck and got the Fox mount from the Nightfallen emissary.  The quest that goes with the mount is pretty adorable.  Naz is still trying to get his though.  We are both still missing toys though so we are forever doing that and Withered Training.  At least all that rep we get is finally going to go towards something now that they have added paragon rep.  It is a shame though that instead of getting a guaranteed mount for rep you have to (forever) try from the paragon boxes.  This will be an insanely long grind for people with our luck.  I will be doing wq for rep in the next expansion probably.  The Dreamweavers mount is amazing and I’m sure it will be the last one I get.  Speaking of unicorns we are still working on hitting prestige level 4 to get the PvP mount.  It is slow go when you only do the PvP wqs though.  We are only at level 2.  Long way to go still, but most definitely worth it.  We are also working on the PvP wq achievement that gives a mount, though it is a wolf for Horde, it becomes a Dreamrunner for Ally.  So we definitely need that also.

With everything else going on our alts have taken quite the back seat lately.  We did manage to get another set to 90 before our RaF ran out.  This time an Undead Priest couple.  We stopped this set and our Priest/Druid at 90 so we had more time to level other toons since RaF stops at 90.  My Priest and his Druid are going to need to be leveled up soon though.  Yesterday I finally got the mog staff from the Priest garrison.  I had been trying for that for an insanely long time.  Now that I have it, the Priest who needs it can’t use it.  So it’s off to 100, and with only 5 levels to go it shouldn’t be long before she looks beautiful.

Last but not least, a small shout out to Myth’s raid team.  We cleared Heroic NH on the 16th of last month.  We’re doing good and have finished all of Legion’s raid thus far on Heroic getting the AOTC achievements for the team for each.  Next up the Tomb of Sargeras in a couple months.

Mounts Are In The Air

I’ve been slacking on all things WoW related lately, with the kids sports and all other real life events taking up so much of our time our WoW time has taken a bit of a hit.  We still try to get those mog runs in every week, because someone has an “obsession”.  I do not know who that could possibly refer to.  But it did work out for the other one because his birthday is right around the corner.  After talking about an out of game staff he wanted, this mog obsessed lady went and bought it for him for almost 200k.  There was some serious discussion to get him to learn it though because he thought we should just sell it for higher.  He finally gave in and learned it because even though he doesn’t need all the spots filled, he does needs all the staves.  While on that note, I wish my love the happiest birthday.  Neither WoW or life would be as wonderful without you.  I would also probably be 100% broke in game with nobody to hold me back at all from buying all the mog.


Last Tuesday the third wing of LFR was finally released, which allowed for all the non raiders like us to complete our last Falcosaur pet/mount quest chain.  I am happy to have it done and even happier to have the extra easy mounts added to our books.  The week before that after a very long wait, the archaeology quest for the Spirit of Eche’ro was finally available.  This was the first time since Legion dropped that it has came up.  After 2-3 hours of digging, you got your own beautiful spectral moose mount. He was well worth the wait.  It’s good that they are adding mounts that are a sure thing because with our luck our book numbers would never grow.  We are both still trying to get the fox mount from Nightfallen.  Coming in 7.2 they are adding more mount drops from the emissary boxes for exalted plus rep.  I’m sure that we will be trying to get those forever also.  Along with the fox we will go yet another year without having the Love Rocket.  Love might have been in the air, but luck was not.  To be honest, we didn’t try as hard as we could have.  We got tired of getting nothing and got burnt out on our 30+ runs every day quickly.  We did end up with over 150 runs each for the 2 week period.  No mount, but I did get my missing toy to drop after over 100 runs this year and who knows how many last.  We also ended up with 500 pets (not really but it seems like it) and were able to add 2 more toys to our book.  There’s always next year…


Unsure if the release date of some of these mounts was a coincidence or Blizzard thinks nobody that plays WoW has plans for Valentine’s Day but along with the moose quest chain, they also released the Primal Flamesaber.  The “For Azeroth” event lasts 1 month and requires you to play 15 HotS games as a Warcraft hero.  Along with a mount and achievement for WoW, you are also awarded a new mount for HotS.  We got our mount done after a few days of playing with guildies.  The game itself isn’t as bad as I previously thought it was.  I wouldn’t play it full time but it’s fine for doing a few games before logging.  I did buy the Unicorn mount to run around on because even if I don’t really play, it’s still glorious.


With the last patch Blizzard added micro-holidays.  This past event was the Hatching of the Hippogryphs.  To get a cute little baby all you had to do was fly out to Feralas, sit on an egg, and wait.  After a short time you would have a baby hippogryph of your own.  The hatchling sits on your shoulder (which does remove your helm and shoulder mog) and does emotes periodically.  The pet last for 24 hours until killing a rare which increases your buff to 5 days.  The hatchling stays with you through death, shapeshifting, etc.  It is even visible in all druid forms, like sitting on your back when you are a cat.  It’s incredibly adorable.  While other people might think micro-holidays are pointless, even a temporary baby makes it worth it.


The More Mog and Mounts the Merrier

After getting our third set of RaF toons leveled, a druid tank and a holy priest, we started another set of undead priests.  Once we hit 50 though our leveling came to a halt.  We stepped away from our alts to try to work on leveling up our prestige rank doing wq.  Honestly, what made me want to start doing them were the ones that offered mark of honor because mog.  The only hard part now is having to decide which sets I’m going to buy.  You also get a pet once you reach prestige level 1, though it’s not amazing, still need to collect all the things.  We worked on that for several weeks along with other wq, but checking the map constantly got tiring.  So we have taken a slight break from that, only doing them for the mog tokens.


While watching a video about WoW updates, Naz came across the best addon ever put in game, monars wardrobe helper.  If you are like me and run all the raids/dungeons you can every week to try and get mog, well this will make you never do anything again.  If you are more casual and just want to see what you are missing, this is an extremely helpful tool.  It shows you every piece that you can equip from each boss in all raids and dungeons.  You can even have a mini list to keep out while you are running.  It lists all the raids, dungeons, vendors, etc with a percentage of what that toon has from each.  Needless to say, this was depressing.  Especially with how much work I put into trying to farm mog, and that amount of gold.   So for now, Naz is going to share in my obsession to get all the mog.  Good day it was finding that addon.


Along with a decent amount of new mog, we have ended up with several new mounts.  We are finally (yes, we were really behind) finishing up the falcosaur pet quest chain.  It took us awhile to get them and we still have another 2 weeks until the next LFR wing comes out and we can finish.  But it’s worth it.  They are pretty adorable, especially the snowfeather and bloodgazer, which happens to match my mog wonderfully.  Whenever a mount and pet of the same species are close (they don’t have to be the same persons) they make cute little hearts.  In addition to those 3, I finally finished up my leatherworking and was able to make the Great Northern Elderhorn.  Naz had his for a few weeks, while I sat and waited for DMF to come around for my last 3 points.  Hey I need to save gold to buy all that mog I’m missing.  With the release of Nighthold also came the drop of the Steelbound Devourer pattern.  This wing has yet to be released in LFR so unfortunately Lilly still has yet to get it.  Luckily for us though, one of our wonderful friends and officers got the pattern in normal and was able to make it for us.  Naz really likes it.  But I don’t think I will ever use it again, after taking the screenshot.  And now this week with Love is in the Air beginning and blizz allowing anyone high enough to go into the original dungeon to queue (16+) we will be super busy.  Because clearly what I want to do with my time is run that dungeon on all 3 of my accounts for an unlikely chance at getting the mount.


As far as the guild is going we are doing pretty well.  EN and ToV were both cleared on heroic, and NH has been cleared on normal.  We are currently 4 into heroic for NH.  Aside from the raid team, we are still lacking a bit on our casual members, but we’ve stayed fairly active.  We just don’t have the people for all the random events like we used it.  But overall I think it’s going okay.  Minimal drama this expansion and we’ve found some new people who have meshed in pretty well.  Hard to believe we are pushing towards 6 years.


New Year Means New Alts

A few weeks ago we decided that since the holidays were over and we would finally have some time to play that we would start up another RaF.  We have been waiting until we had time so that Naz could get another mount and I could start up my official second account, since the kids are using my other account now, and it was never linked to my main account in the first place.  We made our list of class/race combos we wanted to get done before the 90 day xp bonus is up, most of which ended up being Alliance.  We are only going to 100 for now since we aren’t going to buy Legion for either of our second accounts until it goes on sale.  Our first set were druids.  I made a male Worgen guardian druid, and Naz made a female Night Elf to be my healer.  We hit 100 after playing for 3.5 days.  Next on our list were male Dwarf hunters.  We both always wanted to make Dwarves, because they are oddly cute.  Well that’s my reason, not Naz’s.  We had a bit of a break while leveling them though because I was sick for about 2 weeks and we spent a lot of time offline and sleeping.  Tonight we finally hit 100 on them though.  Next up is a Night Elf guardian druid for Naz and a Draenei priest for me.  We do have about a million things to do on Lilly and Lauria but let’s be honest, we would both rather be leveling.  Being an altaholic is much more important than my ilvl.  All the toons!



Happy Holidays!

Yesterday we had our annual holiday party for Myth. We had a pretty decent turn out for how the guild has been lately and with how close we are to the holidays.  We did a winter themed scavenger hunt in Winterspring and tonk battles.  Throughout the party we gave out a handful of mounts and pets, including a few from the Blizzard store. We always try to make sure that everyone who comes gets a present they don’t have from Father Winter. We ended up spending about a 200k on the party, with half of it coming from our pockets.  It’s always worth it just to have someone be excited about their present.  You can’t put a price tag on happiness right?  We wrapped up the Myth’s year with fun and festivities, giving back to our guildies, and looking forward to what 2017 will have in store for us.  First thing on the list for 2017, Nighthold!

This year for a special holiday treat for our officers we sent goodie bags to each of them to say thank you.  And by goodie bag I mean a box of oreo bark, chocolate dipped pretzels, brownies, muddy buddies, gingerbread and sugar cookies.  22 hours of baking later and our tasty treats were on the way.  Hopefully the post office doesn’t destroy everything to a fine powder before they arrive.  Fingers crossed.


Our party also ended up landing on my birthday, due to us being fairly busy all other weekends with the holidays.  It’s okay though, we celebrated early irl with awesome cheesecake and beautiful flowers, among other things.  Then I got a ton of new toys in game.  That moment when you are trying to find something for someone in game but they collect all the things… Sorry honey.  One of the new toys I got was the JewelCraft mini game.  The achievement that goes with it is only for getting 250k points, which is super easy.  I could probably play that forever.  Nice time sink right there.  I did get the Fel Kitten earlier in the month, which was supposed to be for my birthday, but I get super excited and want it asap.  If you haven’t got the kitty, I would highly suggest it as it’s adorable.  So adorable in fact, that we gave 2 away for our party.


This time of year also brings Winter Veil.  And another year to kill the Greench 500 times and never get any of the toys we are missing.  That’s always fun right?  This will hopefully be the year we finish up some of our missing achievements though.  We are always so busy during the holidays that we never have time to get them done.  It’s been like 5 years of us saying every day during the event that we need to go do them, and then running out of time or getting sidetracked.  Hopefully we can remember and knock out some more points though.  Sidenote, the achievement for BB King, is also very depressing now.  Varian and Vol’jin are no longer on the achievement due to their horribly tragic deaths this expansion.  Ugh.  RIGHT IN THE FEELS BLIZZARD.  Not cool.

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season.  Stay safe and stay warm.  Enjoy your time off and spend time with your family, friends, fur babies, or alone if that makes you happy.  Just enjoy yourself.  We hope to spend 2017 with you.



We got all dressed up in our fancy holiday sweaters, grabbed our flying reindeer and went and got our BB King and A-Caroling We Will Go achievements finally.  Finishing those two put me 5 points away from 23k.  So I went and finished up my cooking.  I am back at 23k now, since losing it all with Legion.  I still have a long way to go to get Lilly’s personal points up that high, but at least my account is making progress.